a post, for the sake of writing something

Considering I (am supposed to) spend half my day writing, a first blog post should be easy. But it never is, and that is why parenthetical remarks like the one in the first statement are so important and should never be ignored. (You never know.)

I always have trouble with the opening sentences and the opening paragraphs. It’s basically writer’s block, but it doesn’t feel like it because no writer mentions a tendency to down gallons of orange juice and boxes of shortbread in search for inspiration. In the obstacle course of writing, when others are going out to Experience Life and swing through other tropes, I throw myself into online shopping and ink-dabbling and pseudo-calligraphy — all of which bring me great heaping piles of joy but, alas, very little productivity.

They also turn me into a happy rambling ineloquent person ^^.


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