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November 4, 2010

What I’m wearing

I feel quite tired today — an exhaustion that has actually made me rather hyper and giggly. Valerie has tucked me into bed and is refusing to let me up, although I snuck out and grabbed my laptop when she went to get tea. She made me say, ‘I will be in bed when you come back’. As you can guess, I was not in bed when she came back.

But I got away with it, for I am clever: I drew an eye on the bedsheets. Eye is in bed. Hurrah for primary school humour when mental faculties are down! I shall take a photo of the sheets when I’m not lying in them. I suspect I will find it very unfunny when I am rested and sober, and sob over getting pencil out of my once pristine sheets.

Carpe diem, folks.

We’re going out today, once Valerie has finished her essay for her last ever Honours coursework unit. I may ogle over some fountain pens, but I may not. I will, however, wear this:


All from Alannah Hill, except for the belt, which is   actually a paper craft ribbon affair (but very fine paper!) and the abstract smear of a headpiece  floating around by the mannequin’s neck.  It’s a bow, but I suck at drawing bows (I suck at drawing, full stop) and I just wanted to convey the presence  of teal floating up there, in my hair. Expressionism  ftw.

The strange teal lumps on the ends of my cardigan sleeves are gloves, and the sweetest, most ridiculously awesome gloves in existence. They’re teal with red trim and tipped with a little red bow at the wrist. They look more like gloves and less like blobs in real life. I love them. You’ll love them.

The skirt is pretty awesomely flippy, too. It looks like I was attacked by flying bows, but saved myself by spraying my skirt with bow-be-stuck spray. This is more awesome than it sounds.









I actually think I did a surprisingly good rendition of my Alannah Hill bag. This is it:

My love for this bag knows no very few bounds. I love it marginally less than my favourite dress and marginally more than ice cream. That is, I would give this bag up for my favourite dress but not for a lifetime of ice cream, no way no how. It doesn’t look all that spectacular here but it can fit everything anyone would ever want. I kid thee not. This bag has carried (all at once):

  • my 15″ laptop/my netbook/both;
  • six library books for my thesis;
  • a bottle of water and my lunch;
  • nail polish, nail polish remover, cotton wool and nail files;
  • a spare pair of flats
  • a cardigan
  • wallet, keys, two phones, an iPod Touch and a whole host of other ‘necessities’.

It’s like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag but without all the Orientalist undertones. Which, you know, kind of makes it very awesome.
On a completely different note, I think I’d like to stick a little ‘About’ box on the right — just by the archives or something, so I can explain to any poor stumblers-across-this-blog that I really am more coherent in non-blogspace (although only slightly more sane). I can’t remember any HTML, so basically, I’m screwed. But I’ll think of something.