Those damn’d elusive Ulta3s…

I was walking towards the bank this afternoon (had to do a quick deposit of money for a ClearIT Online haul ^^;) and saw that my local Ulta3 stockist had an enticingly full looking bin. I had checked last week hoping to snare Earl Grey and Cocoa Bean (my nail polish stash is woefully low on neutrals and browns, you see) and lo and behold, two bottles of Earl Grey and two bottles of Cocoa Bean just sitting there.

I actually walked away.

Thankfully, I realised that that was easily One of the Stupidest Things I Have Ever Done, and dashed back and got one of each:

They’re the same colours as my KeepCup, lol! (I was going to crop it out because it wasn’t completely in the frame, but the colour match amuses me too much.)

Swatches of the polishes (NC30-35 skintone, or Everyday Minerals ‘Buttered Tan’ foundation):

I didn’t expect Earl Grey to suit my skintone at all, really, but I think it’s growing on me. I like that it’s reminiscent of a pastel palette without actually being a sweet Easter egg shade.

Not really sure how often I’ll wear this, but I like having ‘I might need it’-colours in my collections. I find that my outfits feel extra awesome when I have the right nail polish to suit.

Cocoa Bean feels like a good, office-safe shade — inoffensive but not terribly boring. It looks quite generically ‘brown’ on the first coat, but takes on grey undertones on the second. I don’t think I’d mind a fountain pen ink in this colour, actually! Must look around.

(Look at my right hand clawing at the poor bottle! I have yet to perfect the show-off-the-polish grip. My fingers are too long to do it comfortably T^T.)

I think these bottles and I are going to get along very nicely.


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