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November 16, 2010

What I’m wearing


Went off to uni to hand in my final Honours essay evar! And I’ve returned the last of my coursework books. Rather pleased,  but not as obviously pleased as most people are. I’m very bad at expressing emotions, apparently. I always thought I was rather competent, but apparently not XP.

I’m wearing an Alannah Hill cardigan called ‘I Love the Rain’, a yellowy beige Alannah Hill skirt called ‘Look Up My…’, with a black bow belt and black suede heels. Here’s a shot in colour, minus the heels (click to enlarge). I’m too uncoordinated to take a shot of myself — the one above is one that Valerie took when she was pretending to take stalker pictures. (She has a strange idea of ‘funny’, lol!)




The bow in my hair was a brooch from Lovisa, which I turned into a hair accessory — glue guns are the lifesavers of my accessories collection. The bow lives on one of the frames on my wall when I’m not wearing it:

(Those faint pencil scribblings on the wall are my preliminary Honours notes. Paper always feels too small for good thinkery scrawls and whiteboards don’t match the aesthetic in my room. I was thinking of erasing the pencil at the end of the year but I’m quite attached to it now.)

Most of my accessories double as ornaments in my room. I think I only have a handful of ‘actual’ ornaments; the rest get moved around and used quite regularly. I like being able to dress from the walls. I even have shoes hanging from my curtain rod — which is, I’ll admit, a tad impractical when I actually want to wear them, but ye gods it’s fun:

I got the bicycle from the garden section at the Reject Shop — one of my favourite impulse ‘I don’t know why I’m buying this but I want to hang it from my ceiling’ purchases. (You’d be surprised at how many of those purchases I’ve had.) I suspect that I should be more worried about it falling down and braining me, but it looks too absurdly awesome for me to fret ^^;.