Collar me impressed

I have a confession to make: I am terribly, amazingly bad at dressing for the weather. In summer, my little cardigans make me feel too warm (but my outfits feel incomplete without them!); in winter, I wear light thin coats, because thick coats inevitably make me so hot that I feel like I’m in my own wool-lined sauna. The thing is, light coats don’t keep me nearly as warm as I’d like, but I far prefer freezing to being hot.

Yesterday, though, I found the perfect middle ground: a thin wool-cashmere coat from Alannah Hill, in a navy blue with an adorable cream blazer-like collar. The collar was what sold me on it, actually; I think it’s the nicest touch of awesome without going out in a full blazer glory (blazer glory… blazing glory… geddit? You have permission to slap me for my puns).

Better yet, I got it for $85 — down from $795! I remember seeing it when it first came out a few seasons ago and passing it by, because I couldn’t justify $800-odd on a coat that didn’t wow me. (I also refused to try it on, just in case the atmosphere of the Alannah Hill boutique made it look extra sparkly and full of win. I find the boutiques tend to do that. Terrible.) But when I saw it at ClearIT Online for $85, it was as though someone had covered it in cupcakes and Christmas tinsel. It was without a doubt the BEST COAT IN THE WORLD AND I HAD TO HAVE IT AAAUGH.

Thing is, I was and still am dead broke. I had 60c in my bank account (and now I have absolutely nothing). Having no job for the year has killed my wardrobe; it really has. After rifling through my wallet and rummaging in my change jar, I managed to scrounge up the $85 I needed to secure the coat. In fact, I managed to rustle together $100, and so I threw caution to the wind and tossed in an order for a mint green silk slip to wear under sheer dresses. I’m on a spending ban, effective right this second, so I’m hoping this will keep me content for a bit. (Ha.)

This is the coat, and it’s a wonderful weight — not as thin as my little spring jackets, but not as thick as the heavy woolen ones I’ve worn when overseas. Definitely not warm enough for a crisp European autumn morning but it’ll do for Sydney’s balmy winters:

The coat is called ‘Languishing Around’ and is from her Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. I got quite a few of my favourite pieces from that collection, which I’ll have to share sometime. There was also a coat called Vote For Me which I really, really loved… but I found the material a bit lacking. It looks lacklustre in this photo but the cut was amazingly flattering and the ruffles were actually really fun. I saw it on a girl at uni once and it looked stunning. Still looking out for the perfect ruffled coat!

This coat can go with basically everything in my wardrobe, I think — I imagine I’ll be pairing it quite often with my navy-red-cream outfits (not as nautical as they sound, I promise). The first thing I did, though, was try it on with my favourite dress — it’s called the ‘My Sweet Bow Frock’ from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 2008 collection. I don’t have a photo of it by itself yet but I’ll try to take one soon. It’s a gorgeous berry colour, very close to the colour of the lining of my new coat:


Okay, so it’s not a very obvious difference in the photo, but I really like it in real life. The navy blue brings out the darker blue flowers in the dress, and the white stops the whole outfit from falling too far into the darker side of the colour spectrum. The outfit is basically inspired by one of the collection’s lookbook photos — just a different dress and a different belt. Wouldn’t mind getting the belt they used it the lookbook, though — it’s a larger bow made out of cream leather and looks pretty fun.


I also bought this mint green slip, which is all silk and a bargain at $17. I tend to buy one with most of my ClearIT orders, because they’re such a good price and I can wear them with almost anything — and even if I can’t, they don’t make bad nighties in summer. It’s rather creased in this photo because it was straight out of the parcel:


Oh, my, the excitement. Will it ever end.

Seriously, though, it’s a lovely muted green. I’ve tried it under this dress, from Alannah Hill’s latest collection (called ‘Devil in Disguise’). This is the dress originally, with an ivory slip:


And here it is with the green slip, which changes its appearance considerably:

I like that the green lends the dress a cooler tone (as opposed to the warm, almost pink undertones of the cream). Will probably try to bring it out with pale blues and maybe a darker contrasting colour — though I’m not sure what colour that is, yet. Tempted to try a teal, although I don’t know if that will work.  Pale blue is definitely in order, though; a silvery pale blue hair accessory.

Like I need any more hair bows, lol!


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