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November 19, 2010

Um… about ‘Lazy Day’…

You have no idea how lazy it was, folks. (For those who didn’t see my earlier post, I dubbed today ‘Lazy Day’ here.)

It was most definitely Lazy Day, the Day of Such Laziness that Sleeping Looks Like a Marathon.

Actually. Let me take that back, because today, Valerie and I actually turned sleeping into a marathon. Came home at 11ish, thought we’d have half an hour of napping, and finally tumbled out of bed at 3ish.

3 o’clock.

The following exchange occurred:

Valerie: You have to show me your new skirts!

Andrea: [face buried in pillow] mfffff.

Valerie: [chanting sleepily] See skirts; see skirts; see skirts!

Andrea: They’re so boring. I don’t know what to wear with them. Borrrring. They’re my corporate boring skirts. Sleep time now.

Valerie: skiiiiiiiirtssssss!

Andrea: [suddenly very awake; propping herself up on her elbows; speaking in very serious and solemn tones] See, this is the wakey position. You can’t help but feel more awake when you’ve lifted yourself slightly from the mattress. If you keep lying down, as we have done, you inevitably end up falling asleep. Which is what we also did. For two hours.

Valerie: [propping herself up on her elbows] No. See, once you do that, then you have to do this… [falls face flat into the pillow]

Andrea: [wailing with sleepy despair] Nooooo! You don’t do that! That’s why you can’t get up in the mornings! This is why you always fall asleep!

…I’m not sure what happened next, but I eventually somehow got up and paraded the skirts. A delectable $84.15 at ClearIT Online, from $249. They’re called ‘Live to Tell’ and come in navy with a red band, and red with a champagne gold band:

And because I’m still in lazy!moods: I really have absolutely no idea how to style these to make them suitably wacky.

November 19, 2010

I proclaim today ‘Lazy Day’!


Not that yesterday and the day before weren’t lazy days. But today is definitely the Lazy Day to End All Lazy Days, the St Crispin’s Day of Lazy Days… except I refuse to insult anyone’s manhood, because that would be misogynistic and androcentric, and it’s not their fault that their Fridays aren’t filled with pillows and copious amounts of tea.

They probably have more spending money than I do, anyway.

The day started off on a fairly energetic start: to T2 Teahouse, for rampant story-writing and tea-drinking (and tea-purchasing). I’m partial to writing in coffee-houses and, I’ll admit it, Starbucks is a favourite. A coffee connoisseur I am not! But Starbucks has consistently mediocre coffee and the staff lets me stay there for as long as I want, which is all that I really ask. But Valerie prefers tea, and though I’m not a huge tea fan, T2 has a passable (though worryingly colonial and imperialist) atmosphere. (Their new image is less Exotic Mystical Asia and more street grunge graffiti, because, you know, tea is the hip drink on the streets.)

After ordering a bafflingly red drink called Ruby Vanilla, which is less tea and more rather sweet syrup and bitter grapefruit juice — though with a name like that, how could I resist? — we settled down to scrawl, sip tea, and stare at passers-by.

This is me, people-watching. I’ve blurred out my face because there are few things worse than my facial expression when I’m people-watching. This is what I’ve decided, anyway, because it sure as hell scared me.

Okay. Looking at that now, I’m almost inclined to think that I have just created the stuff of nightmares.  Faceless horrors indeed.


I wore the dress with my Sretsis glass bird ring and a ring I bought from Lovisa:

I wore them on the same hand, with the flower ring on  my index and the bird ring on my ring finger. First time I’ve had so many costume rings on my hand at the one time. (The Lovisa flower ring is my first ever chunky costume ring, actually. Bought it a few months ago.) It’s a really fun look that I see on a lot of blogs, but I’ve never worked out how to pull it off. Not sure if I did it this time ’round — because, okay, a flower and a bird is a little bit twee — but I enjoyed it ^^.

I also wore this Alannah Hill clip in my hair:

It’s called ‘Love Addict’ and I am very very fond of it. I have it in black, as well, and I’ve lost and re-bought that black one three times. Most traumatising. This one, thankfully, tends to stay where it’s been put. It usually lives on my corkboard, on which my other accessories and important notes are pinned:

There it is, near the ‘To Do’ list and ‘Important Dates’ table (which hasn’t been updated for years ^^;.) Click to enlarge if you want a closer look. I’ll probably do a post on it later, actually; it’s virtually brimming with lots of interesting things ^^.

Aaand… one thing about T2: the chairs are divinely decadent but the tables are amazingly high. I can rest my chin on the tabletop. It makes it difficult to write and brings a whole new meaning to ‘high tea’, let me assure you. I feel like I’m four again, scurrying under the table at restaurants (because other under-tables are so much more fun than the ones at home, lol!).

Speaking of T2’s furnishings… does anyone know where to get the tea-timers they use?

It’s the three-timer thingeh. The darker blue measures five minutes, the middle measures three and the white measures one. We could always use our watches or phones to time tea, but why do that when there are gorgeous little miniature hourglasses?

You can also see my notebook and strangely sweet Ruby Vanilla tea. The teapot is full of slightly overbrewed Jade Ring tea, which is handcrafted tea made from early green tea leaves, rolled into the shape of a small ring. I don’t know anything about tea so I can’t tell you much about it. Valerie says:

It was really just a… really slow brewing green tea. I can’t say that there was anything special about it. Although, there were some creamy notes I got at the start that I’ve not had before.

There you have it! Our resident tea drinker is not very impressed. But she’s not terribly impressed with T2 teas generally, I think; they’re a bit too light and the quality isn’t as good as other teas. We’re going to trial teas from The Tea Centre very soon, though, just to compare.
Just for the record, and in case you’re searching for a new notebook, my notebook is a green unlined Clairefontaine, purchased at Borders for under $20. The paper is exquisite and the best quality paper you can get for miles, I think (at a good price, anyway). Fountain pen and every-pen friendly. Almost edible, I swear to you.

You can also find them at and their ink-and-pen sibling site,, along with a great selection of Rhodia, Moleskine and Quo Vadis. Trust me, stationery fiends, this is Stationery Mecca. (Did anyone else die of happiness when they saw Paperchase replaced by Telegram’s stocked brands at Borders? I think the Borders sales staff were a bit baffled by the reactions that Valerie and I had. I would have had the same reaction if I had found an authentic vintage Chanel for $2, lol!)