Um… about ‘Lazy Day’…

You have no idea how lazy it was, folks. (For those who didn’t see my earlier post, I dubbed today ‘Lazy Day’ here.)

It was most definitely Lazy Day, the Day of Such Laziness that Sleeping Looks Like a Marathon.

Actually. Let me take that back, because today, Valerie and I actually turned sleeping into a marathon. Came home at 11ish, thought we’d have half an hour of napping, and finally tumbled out of bed at 3ish.

3 o’clock.

The following exchange occurred:

Valerie: You have to show me your new skirts!

Andrea: [face buried in pillow] mfffff.

Valerie: [chanting sleepily] See skirts; see skirts; see skirts!

Andrea: They’re so boring. I don’t know what to wear with them. Borrrring. They’re my corporate boring skirts. Sleep time now.

Valerie: skiiiiiiiirtssssss!

Andrea: [suddenly very awake; propping herself up on her elbows; speaking in very serious and solemn tones] See, this is the wakey position. You can’t help but feel more awake when you’ve lifted yourself slightly from the mattress. If you keep lying down, as we have done, you inevitably end up falling asleep. Which is what we also did. For two hours.

Valerie: [propping herself up on her elbows] No. See, once you do that, then you have to do this… [falls face flat into the pillow]

Andrea: [wailing with sleepy despair] Nooooo! You don’t do that! That’s why you can’t get up in the mornings! This is why you always fall asleep!

…I’m not sure what happened next, but I eventually somehow got up and paraded the skirts. A delectable $84.15 at ClearIT Online, from $249. They’re called ‘Live to Tell’ and come in navy with a red band, and red with a champagne gold band:

And because I’m still in lazy!moods: I really have absolutely no idea how to style these to make them suitably wacky.


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