Snow bunnies

My, I miss winter. I’m really in the mood to wear one of my favourite outfits: a red skirt with different sized polka dots, a cream bow belt, a navy blue cardigan and a red/cream/navy/tan/pink scarf. It makes me feel like a little snow bunny on a snowy mountain, except a very unsuitably dressed bunny because the outfit is just a very thin cardigan and a scarf.

I’m not wearing it today which means no photos, which unfortunately (for you!) means that I will have to draw it for you on Microsoft Paint.

Yes. Have to.

Ta da! Skillz, yo. The swatches of colour on the right aren’t anything at all; just me trying to work out what shades worked best.

The skirt, cardigan and scarf are all from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. The skirt is called ‘Lost in Headlights’ and also came in black with cream spots, which I now want rather desperately (even though I’m not quite sure how I’d style it). The cardigan is called ‘The Odd Moment!’ and the scarf is called ‘Sweet as Sugar’. Autumn/Winter 09 was an awesome season. So many happy buys.

Edited: Okay, I took a photo of my outfit after all, just because it seems a bit slack to just show you my Paint scrawls:

I’ve included my earmuffs in this shot. They’re also called ‘Sweet as Sugar’ and I wear them surprisingly often because my ears freeze off in winter. I don’t actually feel the cold except in my ears and sometimes my nose — my hands and feet are apparently freezing to the touch but they generally feel all right to me! I made the hair-bow myself, though you’ll find very similar ones on Etsy.

These are my shoes:

I added the bow myself from the leather of an old, unsalvageable pair of red suede shoes. Ripping those old shoes to shreds was amazingly fun. Look at the carcass:

I stripped both shoes in case the leather would come in handy. Haven’t had reason to use them yet, though I imagine that it’d make a nice leather headband or something. If you’re going to do it to your shoes, it’s much easier to do with a well-loved and beaten-up pair of shoes with both leather upper and leather lining — much softer and easier on your hands and scissors.

I think I’m now going to have to go off and play with all my summer dresses so that I don’t pine for winter so badly. Summer means floaty silk and little cardigans. Repeat; summer means floaty silk and little cardigans; summer means…


6 Responses to “Snow bunnies”

  1. your creative talents are amazing
    i was first referring to the paintbrush impression of your outfit
    then i saw your shoe creation’

    • Haha, thanks! That’s very flattering. They often happen by accident when I’m trying to remind my girlfriend of a particular outfit. ‘You know… it’s the red skirt… like this… with these spots. No? Okay, it probably looks more like this…’


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