Teddy bear baths


This is Valerie’s teddy bear, Mummy Bear. She’s had Mummy Bear since she was… oh, I’m not sure, but it’s been easily just under two decades. In this photo, she is in Valerie’s bathroom sink, which I’ve dubbed ‘the giant bear bath’. It is indeed a giant bath,  for a bear anyway.

Mummy Bear has been bathed very few times in those twenty-odd years and this fact, coupled with Sydney’s rather hot weather, prompted us to give her a bath.



This is Mummy Bear having her ears scrubbed. The soap we’re using is Lush’s Porridge soap, which is not only wonderfully apt for a bear (because we all know that bears like porridge hot, cold and ‘just right’) but a nicely scrubby soap for humans. Quite moisturising and a pretty fun soap — much more tactile than your usual soaps or shower gels.

I’m quite fond of Lush products, although I do think the majority of their products are rather gimmicky and overpriced. I am quite happy, however, to pay for their skincare line, which I’m sure pulled my normal, leaning-towards-oily-in-summer-and-dehydrated-in-winter skin through a month of all-nighters, stress, bad diet and dry indoor air.

These are the Holy Triad of Skincare Products:

From left to right: Catastrophe Cosmetic biofresh face mask; Angels on Bare Skin cleanser; Aqua Marina cleanser.

The gorgeously purple container on the left holds Catastrophe Cosmetic, a facial mask made from fresh blueberries. It also has calamine and all sorts of essential oils, which are probably more effective than blueberries but far less awesome sounding. I find that this mask really evens my skintone and seems to control breakouts really well — haven’t had one pimple in the four months I’ve been using it.  —Oh, wait, I tell a lie; I stopped using it and had a few little ones (my skin is generally well behaved), and they all disappeared once I got a new pot. Miracle in a little black pot, really.

Angels on Bare Skin is a lightly scrubby cleanser made from kaolin clay, rose and lavender essential oils, and ground almonds (that’s what makes it nicely scrubbeh). Don’t expect it to remove makeup, because it’s really very gentle. It leaves my skin looking quite dewy and fresh, like I’ve just woken up after a long sleep. I have no idea how it does it (okay, maybe an inkling: light scrubbing from the almonds and a bit of moisturising from the essential oils) but I love it very very much.

I’ve only just started using Aqua Marina, mainly because I didn’t want to use Angels on Bare Skin every day — as tempting as it is, all that exfoliation probably isn’t good for my skin. Like Catastrophe Cosmetic, Aqua Marina has calamine, which is awesome for soothing and evening skintone (remember using calamine lotion on mosquito bites?), as well as kaolin (which is what makes Angels on Bare Skin so awesome). It’s basically a win combination of Catastrophe Cosmetic and Angels on Bare Skin, except it smells Really Very Strange. I’m not quite sure what it is, either — I suspect it’s the seaweed, which is apparently very good for your skin. Would rather eat seaweed than plaster it all over my face, though!

I use Angels on Bare Skin about three or four times a week, and Aqua Marina when I haven’t used Angels on Bare Skin. Catastrophe Cosmetic gets pulled out four times a week (about every second or third day) because the expiry date demands near-constant use if you want to use it up before it goes all mouldy and gross. (Lush says that the pot has four to six applications, I think; I know I manage to get at least twenty. Maybe I have a small face?)

Just to wrap it up, this is today’s outfit. You’ve seen it before, but I’m wearing it again and now you get a chance to see it without my stupid poses. Ain’t life grand!


The dress is from Alannah Hill’s Spring/Summer 2006 collection and is called ‘Stargazer’; the cardigan is the ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ cardi from… Spring/Summer 2006 too, I think (can’t really recall and I’ve lost the receipt) and the ‘Little Picket Fences’ belt is from Autumn/Winter 2009.

I’m very fond of this outfit — I love that it combines red and pink and blue, which is a bit of  fashion no-no generally, but I think it works here. I usually pair it with this headband:


The headband (Parking Lot Love from Spring/Summer 2010) originally came with a brighter and bigger blue satin bow, but I cut it off and replaced it with a thin grosgrain ribbon. I also added a satin burgundy ribbon to the headband for this particular outfit, so that the blend of red and blue in my overall outfit looks less blocky.


I brought the red of the cardigan down to my shoes, as well, so that the red wasn’t so heavy at the top of the outfit:

I made the red bows myself — just out of a strip of bias tape (I’ve linked you to a Wikipedia description because I have no idea what it is, lol!) I took from my mother’s sewing box. At the moment they’re precariously attached with dabs of glue gun glue. I imagine I’ll reattach them with something more sturdy sometime soon.

I bought the shoes themselves from Midas Shoes. They came in an awesome array of colours — pale yellows and purples as well as the blue above, I think. I wanted them to go with a particular dress but the tone was all off — far too warm for my dusty silvery-blue Fleur Wood dress (which I haven’t posted yet, huh?). I like how the red brings out the warmth so that the bow isn’t too glaring an addition. Almost like berry sorbet ^^.

And berry sorbet is pretty perfect for this weather, I think.


10 Responses to “Teddy bear baths”

  1. I like the outfit.
    And I like Lush.
    Tell me, who is Valerie?

  2. ohh i love this post! you mentioned my three favourite Lush products – Porridge soap, Angels on bare skin AND Aqua Marina. Crazy. And that blueberry mask has been my next planned Lush purchase for ages now! I think Aqua Marina smells a little like pink musk sticks 🙂

    • Oh, do get it! I just used it yesterday and my skintone is so even. If you like Aqua Marina, CC is really very awesome. 🙂

      You have awesome taste in Lush. :p

      • Ok you’ve convinced me that I need this damn mask..buying it as soon as I get paid this week! Even skintone shall be MINE!!

        P.S. Will there be more Lush posts?

        • Hurrah! Go go go. You won’t regret it. (I hope not, anyway, lol!) Will be doing a Lush post really soon — just took photos, actually. Should be up tomorrow-ish. 🙂


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