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November 27, 2010

Christmas tiiiiime

And we know it’s here, because it is REALLY AMAZINGLY HOT and my skin is sticking to my pleather chair.

(It’s allowed to be pleather because it’s a vintage find from the late 1970s that my parents picked up for a song and I stole it from the dining room, so it’s vintage and free and how is that not awesome.)

I was reading Radio Carly about an hour ago, and she has a post on Christmas (which I’ve just linked you to, to save you the Googlin’), which is basically the inspiration for this post. Her post makes a wee bit more sense than mine, because she actually does Christmas things, and I do not. I suspect this post will follow in the same vein.

Carly mentions the film Love Actually, in which Rowan Atkinson plays a department store sales assistant who wraps gifts with srs style.

I thought my gift-wrapping skills were skillz-with-a-z but Atkinson’s character takes the cake. Here, for the record, is one of my attempts at gift-wrapping:

Please note that Atkinson has lots of spiffy boxes as well as a shiny cellophane bag full of roses and lavender and cinammon, and mine is basically just a box. With a ribbon and a couple of wooden gears I picked up from Etsy. The interior is also sans flowers and spices but crammed full of $1 tissue paper from Hot Dollar. I am a high-rollin’ wrapper.

I spent my 2008 Christmas at a jewellery chain store and quickly learnt the art of cramming mass-produced fine jewellery into boxes and making it look flashy and classy and all levels of High Performance Art. I was not, alas, able to carefully pour rosebuds into cellophane bags but I did don the occasional imposing black gloves, which can be strangely impressive, somehow.

…I’m not quite sure why, either. Don’t customers wonder why sales assistants put gloves on only to hand the product over to the bare-handed customer?

Either way, I have that three-month Christmas stint to thank for my ability to tie bows in a few seconds. I can also do them without people holding the knot for me (though I could do that before Christmas Casual-ing). I’m not actually sure how holding the knot helps, come to think of it. When customers tried to help me, I always messed it up. Ver’ baffling.

And in the spirit of Christmas (the retail one, not the religious one), I WANT STUFF.

I wouldn’t say no to this lovely Waterman Perspective fountain pen (it’s the blue one in the middle):

photo from

I don’t care if the nib is terrible (okay, I do) because the body/barrel is so amazingly striking and subtle and full of win. It looks like etched glass. How I want. It’s $400 in Australia but much cheaper overseas. I am very glad I do not have $400, else I would be buying it right this minute.

I also wouldn’t mind a laptop but I haven’t yet decided on one, so can’t really say very much.


I think I’ve grown up a lot now and am basically a Real Adult, because my Christmas wishlist is suddenly quite short and features boring things that are quite useful, like ‘a vacuum cleaner’ and ‘a new laptop’.

A laptop would never be boring.

Nor, actually, would a vacuum cleaner.


I’m not even wearing an interesting outfit.

I will wear one tomorrow.

It will be awesome.

There will be photos.

Stay tuned.

(And, re the giveaway: it’s in the works, I promise! Just adding a few things to the notebook and doing a spot of shopping to round out the package. Thinking of Ulta3 nail polish in shades that reflect the notebook.)

November 27, 2010

Sneaky shots of colour

I look much more sane from the back, don’t I? I’m investigating Valerie’s/Valerie’s neighbour’s garden again. I’m not sure what I found so fascinating this time around, but I assure you: that garden is full of magical wonders. (I realise that sounds like they’re growing illicit drugs. They’re not. Just your usual, run-of-the-mill, nature-is-wonderful-and-magical, stuff-of-poetry magic.)

I’m wearing my Alannah Hill Live to Tell skirt in navy blue and a BCBG Max Azria blazer, with an Alannah Hill cream ‘Send Me Away’ short-sleeved cardigan underneath. (It’s a lovely cardi, with a beaded collar. Will post up a photo of it when I wear it as an actual outfit piece rather than just a basic under-my-other-clothes rag.) My shoes are a navy suede and grosgrain number from Tony Bianco, and my hair is unbrushed. Yay for lazy days!

I’m very fond of my BCBG jackets. I find they fit rather well — my leather one fits like a dream. I don’t wear this one as often as I would like, because I find it rather difficult to pair it with things. It’s quite a tame jacket, until you notice the brightly coloured trims (click to enlarge):

My right hand LOOKS AWESOME(ly fail) in this photo. (I don’t think I’ll ever learn to stand still for an outfit photo shoot; I get too self-conscious.) I suspect I’m wildly gesticulating towards something exciting and Valerie is snapping photos and not paying me any attention. It’s probably not that exciting, particularly if you’re Valerie and you pass by that garden every day.

…When I’m sleepy, I find very mundane things very exciting. I was a wee bit sleepy when these photos were taken.

Here’s a close-up shot of the jacket:

I like that the khaki is mediated by these WHOA THOSE ARE WACKY colours. It’s like someone took to the trim with a set of highlighters. I normally dislike highlighter colours (annoying on paper; annoying off paper) but they add a level of fun to what would otherwise be a rather ordinary jacket. Valerie says it’s a fun jacket masquerading as a serious jacket, which I think sums it up rather nicely.

Pretty pleased with this outfit as a whole, although it’s not quite what I usually wear. (WHERE ARE THE BOWS?) I still have to work out a few outfits for my Live to Tell skirts — they’re so very blocky, colour-wise, and I really want to break up the colour and make it all dizzy and tizzy and spinning with different textures and contrasting colours… and bows XP.