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December 31, 2010

And on to 2011

[insert lovely opening picture here — I can’t find one I like and I broke my internet. Such a sad end to 2010.]


I don’t often go for the New Year Resolution stuff or the Reflecting on the Past Year practice. Time is an illusion (and lunchtime doubly so, etc.) and marking the arbitrary beginning of an arbitrary line in the temporal sand is nice — but I prefer to do it when I feel like it. And I’m not often in the mood on the 31st of December. August, when due dates loom; now there’s a good time to reflect upon all of one’s mistakes and misdeeds and begin the ‘I will study next time just please let me pass’ chants XP. It probably doesn’t help that I’m a student, so my year doesn’t actually follow the 1st of January-31st of December calendar. It poises itself for a mid-January start (also known as ‘aww, I don’t want to start reading now! Semester hasn’t officially started!’), begins with trumpet fanfares in mid-February, and ends officially around mid-November, though it’s usually about December 26, when my supervisors fall off the face of the earth. (I love December 26.)


All cynicism aside, the coming of 2011 lets me make lists of things I want to happen, without looking too self-indulgent and controlling. (Oops, I did say ‘all cynicism aside’, didn’t I? Ah, I tried.)  Or maybe I just suck at making pseudo-resolution lists XP.



(1) I want to construct a TARDIS replica in my garden somewhere. If my carpentry skills prove lacking, then I want to buy a life-size TARDIS from someone whose carpentry skills pwn life.

(2) Failing this, I would be quite content with a sonic screwdriver. Nine/Ten screwdriver, though. They’re about $30-odd on eBay (I am talking about replicas, by the way, though a real sonic screwdriver would… ugh, it would be the most awesome moment of my life) but I’m honestly not all that willing to shell out $30-odd on a blue LED mounted on a piece of plastic.

(3) On a smaller scale, it would be awesome if I could get the red ink stains out  of my carpet. They’re fountain pen inks, so they’re water based, but they do seem rather stuck. And rather bright red. It doesn’t fuss me very much, really, but while we’re wishing for funny things, it might as well make the list.

(4) An actual resolution now: I will stop shooting my bandwidth by downloading shallow brain-killing films. (They’re my guilty pleasure.) If I want to kill my brain, I will do it in a way that does not eat my precious internet. There are no photos on this post because I can’t load anything >.>. It’s so painful.

(5) While we’re at it, I want more internet haunts. I may dive back into fandom. I want fanfic to be more about… stories and less about (relation)shipping. Also. I really need to find that fanart sketch of Professor Layton holding a rose in his teeth and lying seductively on a puzzle piece.  It is the funniest and most awesome piece of Layton fanart I’ve ever seen and I want it for giggles.


I think that’s it, really. If these five things pop up during the year, I will be one very happy bouncing human bean. It’s like a Christmas wishlist — so much potential rolled up in a thick layer of hopeful delusion.


And now, seriously: I hope you all have splendidly splendid 2011s. I’ll be resuming the room snippets posts when my internet starts behaving, and the outfit snaps when Valerie comes back from her jaunt through Singapore.

December 28, 2010

Room snippets I

It’s funny, trying to draw together a blog post from old unused photos. I’ve become accustomed to using the day’s photographs and shenanigans and throwing it all together in one happy blundering stream of consciousness. This is a shot from that-day-before-Christmas (possibly the 21st of December; I can’t recall now) that Valerie took while I was popping on the last of my accessories (that belt is a pain and a half to get right). She suggested I use the shots as an introduction to my room. Alas, I don’t have any other shots of my room at the moment, so it’s going to be this one. I will have to do this post in parts, I think, else it’ll get too lengthy and I’ll bore you all.

The wall looks a tad empty, but my room is a bit small and I think that too many things would weigh it all down. It’s quite crowded as it is, though it’s a nice sort of crowded (at the moment). When I clean up and procure another camera, I’ll take a few photos.

I dislike ornaments generally (they get dusty and I have allergies) but I also dislike blank empty rooms, so I’ve made my clothes, accessories and makeup play double-duty as display pieces.  This means I get dressed from the walls of my room, which amuses me (and Valerie) very much… and it leaves me a lot of storage space in my wardrobe.

Let’s take a glance around. It’s not the clearest of pictures but I like the lighting — Valerie shot this when my room gets tinged golden yellow by the sun. The walls are actually a pale yellowy peachy cream — cream in the morning light; yellow in the afternoon; and peach at night when I have my lamps and lights on.

On my wall I have a corkboard, which I’ve covered in dusty cream muslin and pinned all sorts of things. I actually have a shot of it around here somewhere  (I’m going through my blog now and I have quite a few shots of bits and pieces in my room after all!). Ooh, found it:


The pieces of paper are a bit out of date, but I haven’t been busy enough to warrant drawing up new timetables and to-do lists. My ballet shoes, too, have been hung up almost for good. (They’re pointe shoes I ripped apart to make into softer demi-pointes, so no tips-of-the-toes work in these shoes.) Most of the other things, though, are all in working order and I use them quite regularly.

The pearl necklace on the right was a gift from a friend. It doesn’t come with the black bow (the bow came from a pair of shoes that I threw out because they were dying and unrepairable). I don’t wear it all that often but it does come out for a spin every now and then. I do like how it looks on my board, though.

The watch next to it was given to me by my father on Christmas… possibly Christmas 2005? It’s a two-tone piece, which is rather handy because I tend to mix metals. (Gasp! But I ‘have’ to; my grandmother gave me a white gold ring as a graduation present which I wear every day — but most of my earrings are set in gold, so it would have posed Such a Great Dilemma. But then the watch came.)

What else? The sheet of ovals with alphabet letters on them are actually stickers for scrapbooking. I like to keep bits and pieces of scrapbooking material lying around,  because they are rather pretty and I like being able to literally cast my eye around for materials when I’m throwing something together. The butterfly clip hanging onto it is from Alannah Hill and is called ‘Love Addict’. I’ve mentioned it before, with this outfit and this one.

The gold necklace to the left of it is a reproduction of an antique necklace my grandmother gave me. I used to wear the antique but I managed to snap it (horror, not sarcastic horror!) because I got it caught in a drawer and didn’t realise till I pulled away. Devastating. It’s sitting in one of my jewellery boxes, looking quite reproachful. I will take it to be repaired one day.

The reproduction is nearing vintage status, actually, so it’s a vintage reproduction of an antique, lol. How’s that for fashion points. It’s made of gold filigree beads and the larger gold filigree pendant has a tiny gold flower at its centre.

The pearl necklace above it is just a simple strand of pink freshwater pearls. I do love me some cheap pearls. They’re resting against two sheets of scrapbooking paper, and some scrapbooking clippings. To the left are some scrapbooking stickers with maudlin sayings like ‘Always’. Apologies to anyone who likes sweet romantic things! They’re very sweet. Very twee. I like twee, most of the time, but sweet written tropes tend to make me pull out the Scrooge impersonations.

What else? The many bows are often plucked off for impromptu bow accessorising. Bows glue my outfits together! And the little blue sparkly thing underneath the beige bow — and its pink partner — are also little hairclips, though I don’t use them as they don’t stay in my hair very well.

I used to have a bit more on that board, actually, but it’s been plucked away for book covers and outfits and all sorts of silly little thrown together things. I shall cast around for old photos of the next part of my room (maybe the wooden dollhouse underneath the board) and do the next post soonish.

December 27, 2010

On Valerie

I once promised to get a little profile up about Valerie. I said it’d be done on Monday. It’s a few Mondays after the Monday I intended, but it is still Monday (for the next half hour).

My laptop battery is running out and I’m too lazy to get up and plug it in, so away with the fuss and on with the linkeh. In case you haven’t noticed the new tab at the top near the title banner (which I will change and personalise one day)… well, it’s there. (My, that was an anti-climax.) To make things slightly easier for you, here is a direct link: clicky.

For some reason, I feel that the Doctor Who theme should play when I type colons. With the electro synthy alien wonderfulness. But I’m thinking particularly of the theme from the ninth regeneration, by the by, because Eccleston was my first doctor and even though Tennant and Smith are all levels of awesome, well… you never forget your first doctor, even if his reign lasted a nanosecond. And I’ve been watching the ninth non-stop for the past two days so it’s basically the Only Theme That Ever Existed for me at the moment. Wait till I get back to Smith.

December 26, 2010

Thar be ducks


Apologies for my absence! No rest for the wicked, etc. I’m afraid outfit shots will be few and far between for the next few days — Valerie has zipped off overseas and so I am minus one photographer. These shots were taken quite a while ago, actually, sometime before Christmas. We were at uni — yes, during the Christmas break —  as I had some books to pick up and some forms to submit.

Campus is wonderfully quiet during the semester break. And with all the paving, it’s more than an ideal place to test Valerie’s cheap Aldi scooter (at $25, it would be epic even if it fell apart after two metres). Aldi is, for some reason, Valerie’s drug of choice for cheap junk. So far, between the two of us, we’ve accumulated:

  • One scooter;
  • One ultrasonic cleaner;
  • Three boxes of wooden blocks;
  • Four Halloween-themed ice cube trays;
  • A toaster (‘????’ indeed);
  • Two iPod docking speaker thingehs;
  • A Wii Fit accessories set;
  • Approximately one kilogram of fairy floss over the space of three weeks, though I’ve most definitely eaten it all. Very sad.


I think there’s more; I just can’t recall. We’ve also tried all the chocolates and most of the ice creams. The stuff is good. Better than good. Chocolates made in Germany seriously pwn any and all supermarket brands.

The Aldi people recognise us, as we’re there far too often and we buy strange things. When we’re not buying strange things, we’re buying ‘snack food only’ or ‘just breakfast’ (like six boxes of ice cream; or one avocado, a small packet of bacon and a packet of English muffins)  standing patiently in line as elderly person after elderly person unloads the groceries for the week.

We don’t just stick to our local Aldis, either. I think we’ve gone to every single Aldi within half an hour — which is an awfully long way to go when there are two within ten minutes of my place, really. When one pops up near uni, it’ll probably become our newest haunt.

Save us all.

Until then, we’ll just stay around campus, wheeling scooters around and chasing ducks. (DUCKS, BOOYEAH.)


At my uni, if you’re interested in the ducks you’re usually (a) a first-year student; (b) an international student; (c) new for another reason.

You may also be (d) drunk, but I’m never around when parties and things are on, so I’m not too sure how true the last one is.

I still like them. Not because they’re new and fascinating but because they’re so used to people that they don’t fly off when you come close. They don’t like people, though, so all they do is waddle away quite discreetly. Such polite birds.

They probably didn’t like the jangling sound my belt made, either. It’s a plain brown  leather belt I found at an op shop, with holes trimmed in gold hardware, like tiny thin washers (you know, the things… in… machines). I threaded a length of brass chain through one of them, and attached an antique brass compass and a large reproduction skeleton key, from an Oroton keyring.

My earrings are little typewriter keys, purchased from KeysAndMemories on Etsy. One says ‘backspace’ and the other is the ‘?/’ punctuation key. I don’t wear them half as often as I should, as they’re a bit bigger than I’d like — but, alas, miniature typewriters don’t exist, so! They just sit around looking very pretty, which satisfying enough for me.

My headband is made of little watchfaces that I glued onto a Diva band (they’re always falling off, too ><). And I’ve just realised I forgot to include a shot of my necklace. Here it is, anyway:

It’s from BirdzNbeez, also on Etsy, and has non-working watchparts in the centre. I’ve posted close-ups of all of these accessories here.

The dress is from Fleur Wood and my shoes are from… I can’t recall. The name has faded, too. They feel like Siren shoes but I’m not certain. I used to have little gold watchgears on the buckle, but they’ve slipped off.

And my little bag is from TamiLyn on Etsy, who makes beautiful pieces made from scraps of vintage tablecloths and old buttons. Definitely worth a look ^^.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

December 21, 2010

Au cabaret

Hello, lovelies! Apologies for my absence; it’s been a terribly busy time and I’ve been going through post-thesis depression, of sorts. (It’s like post-show depression, except PSD makes sense because shows tend to be fun — if mildly stressful — while theses tend to be stressful, with the odd injection of fun here and there.) It hasn’t helped that I’ve been working rather intensely on an article and that’s all done… and all done rather swiftly, too. One hasty minor edit and a sudden email saying, ‘right, you’re done; thanks; talk soon.’


So now I’ve been flopping around, oscillating between happy bouncy ‘I’M FREEEE’ and ‘augh, I’m not doing anything.’ And uni is being an absolute pain because I somehow have to hand my acceptance forms in by the 23rd of December and I kinda don’t have them all yet because some genius thought it would be a good idea to send them by regular post during the Christmas rush and haven’t I jumped through enough admin hoops already dear God.

Rage-y rumbling thundercloud of rage dissipating now.  Melting away like ice in a brightly coloured cup.

Cups. I’ve been drinking copious amounts of pearl milk tea from Chatime. It’s much better than Easyway, I think; far less sweet and with a slightly stronger tea flavour. It’s all awesome. I’m the biggest sugar addict in the world and I’ve decided that Chatime, the less sweet milk tea, beats sugar-god Easyway. That’s got to make you curious.

You know what else makes me curious? When I’m going to start talking about my outfit and how I’m going to get to it. I’ve been flicking through the photos and not one of them has me holding milk tea in it. Travesty.

(There are three empty plastic cups of Chatime in my room as I type this, by the by. Two are mine. One is Valerie’s. Dear god the stuff is good.)

(I shall have some tomorrow. Valerie. I’ll bet you’re reading this instead of getting dressed. Chatime tomorrow?)

Here’s another picture of my outfit, while I contemplate a segue. (Has anyone seen Voyage of the Dawn Treader? I’m not usually one to complain about film adaptations, because a film is a text in its own right blah blah blah damn English major disclaimers. But this was really bad. Really very off. It somehow traded the preachy didactic-but-epic scenes for just preachy didactics. It all fell rather flat. —Oh, gods, do I suck at staying on topic or what.)


(You have no idea how amused and pleased I was to see my shadow. I’m such a child.)

See, this is the outfit that reminds me of the stage, not this one. (Okay, the little kidlet was right, though; the other outfit does look rather like a costume. It would have popped on stage so well. Would put Rice Bubbles to shame.)

I’m wearing Alannah Hill pieces, as per usual. The skirt is my very favourite, called ‘Lost in Headlights’ from the Autumn/Winter 2009. I’ve paired it with a black ‘Flames to Dust’ cardigan from Autumn/Winter 2008, and a cream cami called ‘Adorable Wafer Girl’ from Spring/Summer 2009. There’s a recut of the Flames to Dust/Puff the Magic Dragon/Tiny Dancer cardis in store at the moment, actually. I can’t recall what it’s called, but I do know that it’s slightly cheaper than the older versions — $229, perhaps? The material doesn’t feel quite as thick as the Flames to Dust pieces to me but I imagine it’d make it even more comfortable in summer.

I’m wearing suede black platform heels from Tony Bianco, and a cream bow belt I bought from eBay. The hat is the black version of the ‘My Little Boat’ miniature boater hat I wore with this outfit, from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. I have yet to hack the bow into something else, largely because I think the plain grosgrain band suits it quite well.

What else? My bag is from Forever New and was a birthday present from a friend. It goes with an awful lot of things and can hold my tiny Acer Aspire One netbook. (I have a thing for tiny electronic gadgets. Every time I walk by a netbook, I eye it, turn to Valerie and ask, ‘is that person’s netbook smaller than mine?’, and then am despondent when she answers in the affirmative.) I used to use it for uni and the only reason that is in the past tense is because semester has ended and I don’t go to uni (as often).

So much text, so few pictures. I weep for you, poor readers, wading through my rambles.

My cat photobombed me. Would you like to see?

His name is Star. He was the first cat I had since I came to Australia and he is pretty sure that he is First Cat in Australia, if not the President. (I have yet to break it to him that we are a constitutional democracy, not a republic.) He is rather spoilt, which is probably quite evident, as he got rewarded for his photobombing with a knuckle on the head (why do cats like strange things?). He is a very manly cat and likes to play it cool, but he has a high-pitched meow which sounds rather feminine. I suspect it causes him a fair bit of anxiety because he rarely meows. In fact, I only heard him meow about three years after having him, and he only meowed because he was at the pound and wanted out rather badly. (Long story short: he went missing for quite a while; we thought he was lost; searched everywhere; decided to check the pound and lo, he was there, for a neighbour brought him in. Don’t know why. Cats rarely get lost.) Now he meows on and off but only when there aren’t any other cats around. Poor sod. He’d feel much better if he just let go of this desperate desire to adhere to conventional masculinity XP.

December 20, 2010

LUSH Cupcake

Valerie and I ducked into our local Lush Cosmetics store yesterday, largely because I had cleaned my bathtub and a clean tub demands a mess-creating bath. I exercised restraint and picked up two bath ballistics: The Boogg, and So White.


The Boogg is the cutest little snowman-shaped bath bomb. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t give a review. I will review it when I’ve popped it into my bath! It’s got little colourful balls inside that spiral out and stripe the water with coloured swirls, which is truthfully the only reason I ever buy bath bombs.

So White is a bath bomb with gratings of Lush’s bubble bars (solid bubble bath powder), so it fizzes away releasing a happy apple scent and coats the water’s surface with a little layer of bubbles. I love apple scents, both artificial and real. And this does have an apple-like accord, though the crispness of apple is softened by the inclusion of floral essential oils. Understandable, as it is a bath product, but I do love the sharp tartness of a freshly bitten apple. I won’t review this till I’ve used it, as the last So White I used was last year and I don’t want to work off last year’s memories.

I also got a free Cupcake mask, as it was expiring soon. (Yay freebies!) I haven’t used Cupcake before, though it’s been on my ‘to try’ list for a few months. At the moment, my skin is leaning towards oily with minimal breakouts (one or two pimples when I’m too lazy to wash my face at night) and some stubborn blackheads which refuse to disappear.

Apologies for the dodgy photograph; the lighting is bad everywhere at the moment and my camera is rather basic.

Like most Lush masks, these are best applied to a wet face. Having a wet face also means that you can stretch the product further than the projected four-or-so treatments per pot. (I tend to be able to pull twelve.) Keep gross bacteria at a minimum by using a new wooden spatula each time you dip, and consider freezing it in portions and defrosting what you intend to use so that you can keep it a little past its use-by date.

Cupcake is a mud-based mask that smells of chocolate and peppermint. It looks like ganache mixed with a thick cream mousse and doesn’t taste a thing like it, so take it from me: do not eat; the real stuff is better.

It also contains cocoa butter, so for those of you who suffer crazy breakouts from the stuff, tread with caution. I, too, am someone who suffers crazy breakouts from cocoa butter, but I am very bad at heeding my own advice and so! All over my face.

Cupcake feels like a very thick mousse with a rough, slightly gritty texture, although a sparse grittiness that is reminiscent of fine sand rather than giant chunks of salt. Just scrubby enough to appease my love for shower violence. (Scrub the dead skin off, the blackhead inducing little buggers! Arr.)

After five minutes, it hardens slightly but not completely. My skin felt slightly tight once I had rinsed it off, but I’m also not quite in the target group for Cupcake so I don’t think it’s really all that drying if your skin is decidedly oily, rather than my fickle ‘bored with being dry now BOOM YEAH PARTY TIME BREAK OUT THE OIL YO.’

It does leave quite the residue so I’d tone/rinse prior to applying moisturiser. It also makes a mess in your sink… or maybe I just suck at washing my face neatly; who knows. Suffice to say, WATER EVERYWHAR. On the mirror and on the taps and on the sink.

It’s a bit early to write a review as to its long-term effects, as I’ve only had one trial and bad after-effects can pop up after a few days, even if there’s a honeymoon overnight period. My blackheads are still there but I didn’t expect them to disappear after one use (after any amount of uses, really). My face feels nicely non-oily without feeling dry, so I have no complaints on that front, and the cocoa butter seems to have quit its vendetta against my pores. It leaves my skin feeling pretty clean and fresh, with an even tone (though nothing beats Catastrophe Cosmetic for evening out skintone). Cupcake seems perfect for those humid summer days when my skin feels terribly oily and sticky.

Repurchasing is definitely on the table — particularly if I happen to get it for free with the five pots trade in scheme.

December 19, 2010

Workaholics? Never.

I’m still awake. I should be in bed because today was Ignore Work Day, godsdammit, but then I got an email and lo and behold, back on the work wagon. I am glued to my email. I imagine I could ignore my email and thus have Ignore Work Day, but I find it very difficult to do. It’s not just because I have work things — I also get store updates, forum subscriptions and private messages and all sorts of internet-y things that constitute a great percentage of my life.

(Yes, I am an internet addict and unashamedly so. The internet is one giant playground of in-jokes and interesting discussions and general epic adventures.)

The above screenshot is the latest email exchange between me and a senior academic. He’s my not-really supervisor (my supervisor’s old supervisor, actually), and he’s helping me draft an article for possible publication in an academic journal… hence the ‘sent another draft’ and ‘did minor edits’ captions.

Excuse me while I nerd it out for a bit in my little happy 1am corner. Publishing is a huge deal for me because I am an unjaded fledgling.



I’ve been doing that ever since I got the offer. Squee. Squee.

Those little, tiny, sometimes capitalised ‘squeeee’s. No exclamation mark. I am very bad at exclamation marks. I try very hard, but it’s easier to be exclamation-y in my head than it is to act it out. I’m very introverted.

Anyway. Look at those times. 2.37am, 7.35am, 9.57pm, 12.11am, 12.57am. What are we doing still awake? Why do I not get Ignore Work Days? I whinge but I revel in it all, I really do.

This is why Frursday and Fraturday and Sat- Sun- er… Sunterday? exists. (Pseudo-portmanteau words courtesy of That Unreliable Girl, who has a wonderful blog full of whimsical photos that you must visit, stat. The whimsy must be seen! Go see. Good.)

That’s it, really. Just had to share something that interested me and probably doesn’t interest you in the slightest. My apologies. I imagine I’ll have an outfit post up for you tomorrow, if Valerie is up for a photo session.

(I’ll also be dedicating an entire page to Valerie, eventually, so you’ll get to know a little bit about this mysterious photo-snapping character. It’s in the works. Look out for it over the next week or so.)

December 18, 2010


I want a pirate hat.

I want one so very badly.

I’m tempted to buy two from Etsy, pop one on Valerie’s head (and one on mine) and wander around the city. Possibly to the harbour, where we will point to boats and ‘arr’ eloquently.


That is all.

There will be outfit posts soon, when I’ve woken up and I don’t feel the need to put in ‘Ignore Work Day!’ in my imaginary organiser. Ha. The latter will never happen. But outfit posts will, even if Ignore Work Day never eventuates.

But Work is ignoring me (in Soviet Russia!*) for the next day or two, so we’ll see what will eventuate—

Damnation, just got the Work Email.

Today is not Ignore Work Day.




*This is a reference to a bafflingly funny Internet meme. See its history here. Note that it is not actually funny, as such. It is funny only when you are not in a sane frame of mind, such as when you are (a) drunk; (b) high on drugs or sugar or lack of sleep; (c) Andrea, who finds everything lame really funny.



December 16, 2010

Lacanian larks

Another blisteringly hot day in Sydney! I spent most of the day napping, because the heat makes me terribly sleepy. I think it was blisteringly hot, anyway; I suspect that quite a few others think it was simply a lovely day.

You’re mad if you do think that. Egad.

(Kidding. I tend to think it’s hot when it reaches 22°C.)

Scorching, ghastly heat notwithstanding, the bright sun seems to demand more colourful outfit palettes. I’ve been tempted to turn to my black and white pieces because I haven’t worn them in eons (winter makes me want colour, actually; I love colour in winter) but they don’t feel half as suitable. Proof, I think, that I should do away with my attempt to create a ‘neutral’ palette. Ha!

I’m very bad at doing conventional colours.

Really very bad. These are a couple of pages that Valerie and I did in our colouring book, post-Honours thesis:


I couldn’t bear to make the giraffe yellow and brown, because while yellow and brown is indeed a rather striking combination, yellow and blue and red is far more appealing. Particularly when it’s an animal. Valerie did the cow. It is blue because milk cartons are blue (or, rather, should be blue — some milk cartons are not blue and this is apparently quite the travesty) and cows, being milk-givers, must also logically be blue. According to Valerie, blue packaging makes dairy products taste better. Not being much of  a dairy consumer (save for copious amounts of cheese and ice cream), I really couldn’t say. Who knows.

We combined our colourin’ skillz to do the crab. I don’t recall much pre-colouring planning, save for agreeing that the crab couldn’t be red because red is the colour of cooked crabs, and cooked crabs are not underwater. (Crabs holding paintbrushes are likely to be cooked and dead , too.)

Colouring. It is good for the soul. I did not do any today, because my soul has been consumed by post-Honours academia. Damn them all. I want to go to sleep.

But I can’t go to sleep yet, because I have to show you The Things I’m Wearing. Here they be:


One day, I will write you a post free of pirate slang (unless related to the post), geekery, internetz spellin’ and general syntactical splendour. It will be marvellous, and it will never happen. Sorry. I like pirates and I like mispelling things ‘ccording to teh intarwebz. The rhythm is fun. And it stops me from getting too serious. I can be so. amazingly. dull. when I’m serious.

Anyway. I am wearing a teal/pale blue (depending on how you see colours) Flames to Dust cardigan, from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 2008 collection. Underneath it is a pale pink camisole from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection, and its called ‘Adorable Wafer Girl’. I have a sprig of who-knows-what tucked into my cardigan because Valerie put it there for giggles, and one must humour one’s photographer sometimes, especially if one suspects that the photographer is Not Quite Sane.

The headband is called ‘Parking Lot Love’ from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It differs slightly from the ‘I Don’t Care for Pearls’ pearl headband from a previous season in that the pearls are gradated in size, so that the bigger ones are in the middle of the band. The bow itself is untouched (I know, huh?) because I haven’t really had a reason to replace it. The colours work well and I think that the emphasis on bigger pearls balances out the overly flamboyant bow. All in all, it’s quite a good piece as it is.


Have another picture to break up the brick wall of words:

My skirt is the ‘Look Up My…’ skirt from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It is my only tulle ballerina skirt and I think I need more. (I’m pretty sure it’s my only tulle one. Oh help.) It’s belted in with a pink leather belt, sprinkled with flowers in a row.

The belt is called ‘Daisy Chain’ and comes from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. It was far too big for me and I took to making new holes in it with a knife. The kids next door saw me doing it through my bedroom window, except they only saw the flash of a knife every now and then and probably had no idea what I was doing. I suspect they had no idea, because they looked very scared indeed. I am rather fond of that memory.

My shoes are from Siren and dear me they are high. I’m quite used to walking in heels — I have quite the flexible foot and a rather high instep and arch, and I’m used to taking the weight of my body onto the balls of my foot (or the tips of the toes when I was dancing).

I usually wear heels around 4″ high, which is terrible for my feet, I know, but I am under 5′ and the boost in height means I don’t have to tiptoe too much talking to someone over a counter/reception desk/etc. These shoes, however, are 5″ without a platform. They’re still quite wearable but definitely higher than what I am used to. Not the sort of shoe I’d wear for a long city ramble. Just for uni and quick errands. (I hope none of you are podiatrists. Forgive me for I have sinned. Bad shoes are my vice — I don’t drink,;I don’t smoke; I don’t gamble; I don’t even go clubbing. Let me have my silly shoes!) Tip: if you cannot raise your heels off the floor by about an inch (by going onto the balls of your feet/your toes, without bending your knees), your shoes are way too high for you and there is no way you will be able to walk without imitating a newly born giraffe. Not a good look.

And here’s a collection of ‘goofy and dorky things I did today’ snaps. They actually occurred right after the shot that opens this blog post, so pop it into the storyboard in your head:

They inspired the title of this post — I saw my reflection in Valerie’s kitchen window and, with a nod to Lacanian mirror theories (in which, briefly, a child sees its reflection and identifies with it and lo, a notion of subjectivity is borne… or something. Not a fan of Lacan; too eager to fall into ‘child as a blank slate’ constructs) piped, ‘I’M A FAIRY PRINCESS’ and started wafting around. And ended with a suitably twee and fairy-like pose, for which I have no excuses. It was a twee outfit. The moment overcame the age, etc. (That line is from John Fowles’ French Lieutenant’s Woman and is one of the funniest books I have read, evar, and you should read it too. It is a brilliantly witty take on narrative, on genre, on writing conventions and it’s really just very good.)

I think I will have to avoid overly twee outfits  in overly twee settings for a bit, if this is the consequence. Bah humbug!

December 15, 2010

What you should spend your money on

Do you have a spare $30?


Then hie thee hence to ClearIT Online, at which these belts (in cream, black or navy blue) are available for $19 + $10 express shipping. I’m pretty sure I paid a hell of a lot more. (Maybe $29 + $10 shipping, but when you have to count every silver cent in the way I do, $10 is an awful lot.)

Thar it be! I have it in navy blue and black, and I want it desperately in cream but, alas, I am terribly broke and it’s either a cream belt (which will probably just be used when I don’t feel like using my other cream belt) or dinner next week, so. Fashion fades but starvation feels eternal.

These belts go with a huge amount of things and I imagine they fit most sizes. A belt is hugely important when you’re mixing and matching unpredictable colours and patterns — they’re the transition item that marks the change, without necessarily drawing a flat boundary.  The grey in your outfit of black and white that suggests a movement between pieces rather than just a lot of unrelated layers. I don’t know what I’d do without mine.

If you’re quite petite, the ties might be a tad too long but I can show you a tricksy way to wrap the belt around your waist so that it fits. (Leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.)

Just for the record, I’m not affiliated with ClearIT Online, Factory X or Alannah Hill (though I certainly wouldn’t mind a job offer…), just the usual happy customer/big fan who wants to share the love and little hearts.

And this belt has it, times three.