Want lions and tigers?


(Tigers are actually not in Kenya.)

‘Kenya’ is a flash video in which the cutest ever tiger and a lion who is obviously a Dragon Ball Z fan (look at its haaaair!) sort of advertise Kenya as a tourism destination. It’s a bit cracky but I love it, and the tune is terribly catchy. As soon as I get it stuck in my head, I start doing this:

Got lions and tigers... only in Kenya! Got lions an' tigers only in Kenyaaaa...

I promise you that I’m a better dancer than this. Just not as good as I would like, and so I mask it with dork dances. It’s doubly hard to dance on a downhill slope in 4″ heels. I’m trying to imitate the lion and tiger on the Kenya video, except they have skillz borne from anatomy and being 2D animations that I will never have.

Here it is, if you’re curious. (And let’s face it, with that little montage of dancing!Andrea, you are.)

Today, Valerie went back to Mecca Cosmetica (surprise!) to purchase Comme des Garcons’ Dover Street Market, which smells to my nose like tar and smoke and asphalt, but in an appealingly incense-y sort of way. Not like Dior Fahrenheit, which was obnoxiously heady to me, or Comme des Garcons Man 2, which just smelt generically manleh*.

(*I have a tendency to use ‘manleh’ instead of ‘manly’ because it wasn’t just trying to be manly, it was trying to be MANL…EHHHH. The -‘ehh’ is the grunt of POWERFUL MAN. Ah, conventional masculinity, you funny urban caveman.)

Here is a picture of me while I’m standing still, so we can talk outfits:

I’m wearing a black Alannah Hill ‘Flames to Dust’ cardigan with a cream ‘Stick Your Hands Up!’ skirt. The black bows on the hem are terribly fun. The entire skirt is 100% polyester, which I usually hate but it does means that it’s rain-friendly — very important for Sydney’s capricious weather. And it’s quite easy to wash, which is rather a plus.

The belt is called ‘It’s A Lady Date!’. I was thinking of wearing a black bow belt but I suspect that might have been bow over-kill. I also like that the hearts mimic the band-like effect of the bows at the hem, just in a sort of inverted way. If that makes sense.

I wonder if it did.


You better believe it.

(Watch it if those two lines made no sense. Really. It’s cute. If a bit baffling.)



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