Yaaay, outfit post!

This wall is not Valerie’s, but mine. Well. My parents’. It’s our fence and blocks our entire house from view — I live in a little dip of a valley and you can’t actually see my house unless you jump the fence.

Or enter by the gate.

You know, whatever suits you.

[Insert sensical segue of your own here]

We eventually ended up at Valerie’s house, which meant more photo-taking. I wanted to take photos of Valerie, but she said no because she is a camera hog. This is what eventuated:

BOOYEAH IMAGINARY CAMERA FRAMING. Just in case you think I’m being twee and coy and cute, my face pre-blurring looked a little like this:

by Kip Photographie


Aaaand moving on and away from the scareh clown.

Here’s a picture of what I was wearing, without me in it pulling strange faces:

The cardigan is my ever trusty and much beloved Puff the Magic Dragon. Ever trusty, much beloved. These things go with everything. The dress is called ‘Spooky Little Girl’. I’ve paired it with red today but I often do it with navy and, during winter, brown (to match one of my coats). I want to try it with green, one day — I think it’ll work marvellously — but I haven’t any green things yet, so it’ll have to wait. This is the print, by the by (click to enlarge; the shot itself is rather large):

I think green would go spiffingly. I usually wear green nail polish with this dress, but I haven’t yet taken off my procrastination manicure (one hand in OPI’s All Lacquered Up; the other in Ulta3 Waterlily). You can see the OPI in my ‘pretending to take a shot of Valerie’ picture above.

And, as per usual, I made the hair bow myself, and added the bow to the suede shoes. (You’ll find a picture of the shoes at the bottom of this post.) I need a new pair of red suede shoes, actually, though I haven’t found any I like, yet.

Such a dilemma.



(And, if you haven’t already, do enter my Ulta3 and Moleskine giveaway by leaving me a comment — any comment — at this linked post before the 12th of December.)


2 Responses to “Yaaay, outfit post!”

  1. Love this outfit! I so need you to help style me as this is totally my favourite style!


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