Things I cannot bear to give away

This is a very unexciting outfit. It is, however, a very important one in my wardrobe, as it is composed of pieces I had kept after The Great Wardobe Cull of 2006, Maybe 2007 I Really Can’t Remember.  At the end of high school (or maybe the first year of uni), I decided to do a complete style overhaul and gave away everything in my wardrobe save for one pair of jeans, two blouses, four sweaters/cardigans, three dresses (that my mother made me) and a jacket. My shoe collection also went down from 150 pairs to about five. (Actually fifteen, but I didn’t know that there were ten pairs sneaking around the house at the time.) This outfit is, more or less, a recreation of what I wore before I started building up my wardobe with Alannah Hill pieces. I wore it with my only pair of jeans at the time, but as I have no jeans any more, this plain black pleated skirt will have to do.

The blouse and vest are actually cheapies I bought from Valleygirl when I was on a high school student budget of about $30-50 disposable income a week. Looking back, I’m not quite sure how I managed to survive getting dressed with fifteen pieces (that didn’t always mix and match) and about $30 a week to spend.

I think I slowly started restocking my wardrobe over my first year of uni. I think, by the end of first year, I had bought another two dresses, a leather blazer, two cardigans and two skirts.

I obviously had some notion of restraint and moderation back then.

I was also more conservative what I wore and slightly less dizzy and tipsy in my demeanor, which means that you probably would be hard pressed to find photos of me doing this:

I’m wearing a pearl necklace and a red Mimco bow headband, but I forgot to take detailed shots so you’re going to have to put up with me imitating the blown-over bush. (Yes, that’s what I’m trying to do in the photo. It’s a fail attempt. Laugh not.) I think there’s a closer picture here, although it’s not very close-up at all.

My wardrobe is still fairly small — I think so, anyway. There are 35 pieces hanging up in my wardrobe and an estimated thirty to forty cardigans and blouses in my drawers, so sans accessories, I’m sitting nicely on just under one hundred pieces for both summer and winter.

I don’t think my wardobe collection tends to go much over that number — at the end of each season I tend to give away what I haven’t worn for a year. I’m trying to do that now instead of going to bed but it’s rather… trying.

See, there are two or three pieces in my wardrobe that have lived there for many many months without seeing (much) daylight. I know that I should give them away or sell them and try to recoup my money but I really like just having them. Terrible attitude. I keep telling myself that I will wear them but I really think  I should bite the bullet and just kick them out.

I’ll kick them out at the end of next year. Mid next year, even.

I’m hoping that I’ll think of a way to style these by then. If you have any suggestions, my happy little collecting personality will be heavily in your debt.

This is a Sretsis dress from their Metamorphosis collection (Spring/Summer 2009-2010). It was an absolute impulse buy because I was bored and felt like shopping during thesis-timez, which is the weakest excuse in the history of the universe, but I’m sticking with it. And, you know… it’s pink, it’s bouncy, it has frills that look like they’re about to coil into each other and implode from the pink frilliness of it all.

And I have never worn it. I really should. I desperately want to. But it’s the wrong shade of pink for the rest of my wardrobe and I have no idea how to style it. I’m considering putting it under my Alannah Hill coat in this post but it’s not very inspiring.

I also have this light coat:

It’s called ‘The Dead Girl’ and is from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. You’d think it would go with everything but I find it very difficult to work into my outfits, somehow. I think the brown trim demands a certain colour palette and I can’t quite pinpoint it. I bought the damn’d thing two years ago and only wore it once. It’s such a simple, classic little piece that I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to style it to suit me… eventually.

And there’s this Alannah Hill skirt, called ‘The Fanfare’ from Autumn/Winter 2009. It always struck me as possibly rather orientalist with fans and red and flowers (triple points if they’re meant to be cherry blossoms) but, hey, it’s not named something to do with Exotic Asia so interpret it as you will.

As a skirt, it flows really rather nicely. It’s a tad too long for me, though, and all I ever wear it with is a black and cream Flames to Dust cardigan (you know, that cardigan that I always wear) which is very nice but ultimately rather unexciting. I’m only keeping it as a ‘skirt I can wear to work, if I ever work’ piece, and even then, I can’t imagine it’d get much use.



I will do that damn’d cull. Soon. One day. I might even let go of the skirt. The first two items?

No comment.


2 Comments to “Things I cannot bear to give away”

  1. I love the argyle print top 🙂
    as for the styling…
    For the pink dress (gorgeous) I think you could go with chunky black heels, a black trench and a cream floral/pearl headband.
    I have a similar trench coat to yours, without the trim though. I wore mine with a purple dress. Maybe you can style with something mustard or red – they go with brown

    • Ooh, I love it. I have the trench and headband (floral, pearl… AND floral and pearl together; it’s like you know my wardrobe) and chunky black shoes has been on my list for eons. It’d be a good excuse to get them now, huh.

      Yay for fraternal twin trench coats. You have impeccable taste. 😛

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