Giveaway winner! Yaaay ^^.

Two weeks ago, I set up a giveaway: a self-decorated Moleskine cahier and a set of three Ulta3 nail polishes to one lucky commenter, chosen at random by

I got nineteen entries, which is pretty damn’d good for such a young blog, and I’m really terribly pleased ^^. I am, also, unfortunately very awake and so I’m not very high and rambly and silly.

Like I said in my post, I allocated numbers in the order in which they were received (if you got two entries for commenting on my earlier giveaway post, your extra entry took the number after your comment on the official post). If you’d like to see it, click to enlarge:


(Yes, I am dragging it out awfully, aren’t I. Okay.)

The random number generator at decreed the sixth comment the winner:

And that sixth comment is by Kiara — congratulations! Going to email you now and start wrapping up the goodies for posting.

Thanks again to everyone who entered — I loved reading the comments, the Wiki copypasta, and just the general excitement every time I got a notification that someone else had entered. (I know, I probably need a life.) You’re all very, very awesome. More awesome than a stack of marshmallows and an open fire.


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