I want a pirate hat.

I want one so very badly.

I’m tempted to buy two from Etsy, pop one on Valerie’s head (and one on mine) and wander around the city. Possibly to the harbour, where we will point to boats and ‘arr’ eloquently.


That is all.

There will be outfit posts soon, when I’ve woken up and I don’t feel the need to put in ‘Ignore Work Day!’ in my imaginary organiser. Ha. The latter will never happen. But outfit posts will, even if Ignore Work Day never eventuates.

But Work is ignoring me (in Soviet Russia!*) for the next day or two, so we’ll see what will eventuate—

Damnation, just got the Work Email.

Today is not Ignore Work Day.




*This is a reference to a bafflingly funny Internet meme. See its history here. Note that it is not actually funny, as such. It is funny only when you are not in a sane frame of mind, such as when you are (a) drunk; (b) high on drugs or sugar or lack of sleep; (c) Andrea, who finds everything lame really funny.




2 Comments to “Arrr!”

  1. I’ll make sure to say Hi if I see two girls walking around with pirate hats then 😉

    • Please do. It will probably make my day and I will end up giving you free food. (Good food, of course. Pirates on land feast like kings to make up for weevil-y biscuits at sea.)

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