Au cabaret

Hello, lovelies! Apologies for my absence; it’s been a terribly busy time and I’ve been going through post-thesis depression, of sorts. (It’s like post-show depression, except PSD makes sense because shows tend to be fun — if mildly stressful — while theses tend to be stressful, with the odd injection of fun here and there.) It hasn’t helped that I’ve been working rather intensely on an article and that’s all done… and all done rather swiftly, too. One hasty minor edit and a sudden email saying, ‘right, you’re done; thanks; talk soon.’


So now I’ve been flopping around, oscillating between happy bouncy ‘I’M FREEEE’ and ‘augh, I’m not doing anything.’ And uni is being an absolute pain because I somehow have to hand my acceptance forms in by the 23rd of December and I kinda don’t have them all yet because some genius thought it would be a good idea to send them by regular post during the Christmas rush and haven’t I jumped through enough admin hoops already dear God.

Rage-y rumbling thundercloud of rage dissipating now.  Melting away like ice in a brightly coloured cup.

Cups. I’ve been drinking copious amounts of pearl milk tea from Chatime. It’s much better than Easyway, I think; far less sweet and with a slightly stronger tea flavour. It’s all awesome. I’m the biggest sugar addict in the world and I’ve decided that Chatime, the less sweet milk tea, beats sugar-god Easyway. That’s got to make you curious.

You know what else makes me curious? When I’m going to start talking about my outfit and how I’m going to get to it. I’ve been flicking through the photos and not one of them has me holding milk tea in it. Travesty.

(There are three empty plastic cups of Chatime in my room as I type this, by the by. Two are mine. One is Valerie’s. Dear god the stuff is good.)

(I shall have some tomorrow. Valerie. I’ll bet you’re reading this instead of getting dressed. Chatime tomorrow?)

Here’s another picture of my outfit, while I contemplate a segue. (Has anyone seen Voyage of the Dawn Treader? I’m not usually one to complain about film adaptations, because a film is a text in its own right blah blah blah damn English major disclaimers. But this was really bad. Really very off. It somehow traded the preachy didactic-but-epic scenes for just preachy didactics. It all fell rather flat. —Oh, gods, do I suck at staying on topic or what.)


(You have no idea how amused and pleased I was to see my shadow. I’m such a child.)

See, this is the outfit that reminds me of the stage, not this one. (Okay, the little kidlet was right, though; the other outfit does look rather like a costume. It would have popped on stage so well. Would put Rice Bubbles to shame.)

I’m wearing Alannah Hill pieces, as per usual. The skirt is my very favourite, called ‘Lost in Headlights’ from the Autumn/Winter 2009. I’ve paired it with a black ‘Flames to Dust’ cardigan from Autumn/Winter 2008, and a cream cami called ‘Adorable Wafer Girl’ from Spring/Summer 2009. There’s a recut of the Flames to Dust/Puff the Magic Dragon/Tiny Dancer cardis in store at the moment, actually. I can’t recall what it’s called, but I do know that it’s slightly cheaper than the older versions — $229, perhaps? The material doesn’t feel quite as thick as the Flames to Dust pieces to me but I imagine it’d make it even more comfortable in summer.

I’m wearing suede black platform heels from Tony Bianco, and a cream bow belt I bought from eBay. The hat is the black version of the ‘My Little Boat’ miniature boater hat I wore with this outfit, from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. I have yet to hack the bow into something else, largely because I think the plain grosgrain band suits it quite well.

What else? My bag is from Forever New and was a birthday present from a friend. It goes with an awful lot of things and can hold my tiny Acer Aspire One netbook. (I have a thing for tiny electronic gadgets. Every time I walk by a netbook, I eye it, turn to Valerie and ask, ‘is that person’s netbook smaller than mine?’, and then am despondent when she answers in the affirmative.) I used to use it for uni and the only reason that is in the past tense is because semester has ended and I don’t go to uni (as often).

So much text, so few pictures. I weep for you, poor readers, wading through my rambles.

My cat photobombed me. Would you like to see?

His name is Star. He was the first cat I had since I came to Australia and he is pretty sure that he is First Cat in Australia, if not the President. (I have yet to break it to him that we are a constitutional democracy, not a republic.) He is rather spoilt, which is probably quite evident, as he got rewarded for his photobombing with a knuckle on the head (why do cats like strange things?). He is a very manly cat and likes to play it cool, but he has a high-pitched meow which sounds rather feminine. I suspect it causes him a fair bit of anxiety because he rarely meows. In fact, I only heard him meow about three years after having him, and he only meowed because he was at the pound and wanted out rather badly. (Long story short: he went missing for quite a while; we thought he was lost; searched everywhere; decided to check the pound and lo, he was there, for a neighbour brought him in. Don’t know why. Cats rarely get lost.) Now he meows on and off but only when there aren’t any other cats around. Poor sod. He’d feel much better if he just let go of this desperate desire to adhere to conventional masculinity XP.


5 Comments to “Au cabaret”

  1. love the hat again! I have such a huge thing for hats and headbands and I love this one too!

    • You know, I had this hat for ages and only started wearing it recently — maybe end of last year. I can’t believe it took me so long to work it into my outfits!

  2. Hello, first time commenter, long(ish) time reader.

    Sarah and I saw Dawn Treader, but I haven’t read the book, so I didn’t think it was that dreadful. It was didactic though, so typically Film-Narnia(n?). Sarah thought it was pretty meh, and she advised me to read the book so I could view the film in all its mehness and become ~enlightened~, but I’m lazy and don’t want to.

    Also, I forget what I was going to say next? Uhhh *reads back through post*. No, I’ve forgotten it. I like your cat.

    Oh, I remember. Reepicheep shits me. I’m sorry, he just does. Maybe he’s awesome in the book?

    • Reepicheep is moderately charming in the book. I was fond of him. And the book is similarly didactic, as Narnia tends to be, but there’s this awesome, terrifying ‘oh gross’ bit in which Aslan peels the dragon skin off Eustace in giant thick gross chunks. It’s like every scab you shouldn’t have peeled. Which, in my eyes, makes up for any preachy tones. Because. Dude. Giant chunks of dragon skin. (It does fall into the ‘pain is cleansing’ trope but it’s dragon-related pain so I’m cool.)

  3. EWWWWW DUDE. See, why can’t they keep that kind of stuff in the films, instead of drenching the ends credits with Christian rock?

    I seriously thought Eustace was rad, even though he’s a tad Edmundish from Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, where I could not stand Edmund at all. Yes, I’ll try and keep an open mind about Reepicheep. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s a singing animal? They send chills down my spine.

    *reads some Pinter to get her morose levels up*

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