On Valerie

I once promised to get a little profile up about Valerie. I said it’d be done on Monday. It’s a few Mondays after the Monday I intended, but it is still Monday (for the next half hour).

My laptop battery is running out and I’m too lazy to get up and plug it in, so away with the fuss and on with the linkeh. In case you haven’t noticed the new tab at the top near the title banner (which I will change and personalise one day)… well, it’s there. (My, that was an anti-climax.) To make things slightly easier for you, here is a direct link: clicky.

For some reason, I feel that the Doctor Who theme should play when I type colons. With the electro synthy alien wonderfulness. But I’m thinking particularly of the theme from the ninth regeneration, by the by, because Eccleston was my first doctor and even though Tennant and Smith are all levels of awesome, well… you never forget your first doctor, even if his reign lasted a nanosecond. And I’ve been watching the ninth non-stop for the past two days so it’s basically the Only Theme That Ever Existed for me at the moment. Wait till I get back to Smith.


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