Room snippets I

It’s funny, trying to draw together a blog post from old unused photos. I’ve become accustomed to using the day’s photographs and shenanigans and throwing it all together in one happy blundering stream of consciousness. This is a shot from that-day-before-Christmas (possibly the 21st of December; I can’t recall now) that Valerie took while I was popping on the last of my accessories (that belt is a pain and a half to get right). She suggested I use the shots as an introduction to my room. Alas, I don’t have any other shots of my room at the moment, so it’s going to be this one. I will have to do this post in parts, I think, else it’ll get too lengthy and I’ll bore you all.

The wall looks a tad empty, but my room is a bit small and I think that too many things would weigh it all down. It’s quite crowded as it is, though it’s a nice sort of crowded (at the moment). When I clean up and procure another camera, I’ll take a few photos.

I dislike ornaments generally (they get dusty and I have allergies) but I also dislike blank empty rooms, so I’ve made my clothes, accessories and makeup play double-duty as display pieces.  This means I get dressed from the walls of my room, which amuses me (and Valerie) very much… and it leaves me a lot of storage space in my wardrobe.

Let’s take a glance around. It’s not the clearest of pictures but I like the lighting — Valerie shot this when my room gets tinged golden yellow by the sun. The walls are actually a pale yellowy peachy cream — cream in the morning light; yellow in the afternoon; and peach at night when I have my lamps and lights on.

On my wall I have a corkboard, which I’ve covered in dusty cream muslin and pinned all sorts of things. I actually have a shot of it around here somewhere  (I’m going through my blog now and I have quite a few shots of bits and pieces in my room after all!). Ooh, found it:


The pieces of paper are a bit out of date, but I haven’t been busy enough to warrant drawing up new timetables and to-do lists. My ballet shoes, too, have been hung up almost for good. (They’re pointe shoes I ripped apart to make into softer demi-pointes, so no tips-of-the-toes work in these shoes.) Most of the other things, though, are all in working order and I use them quite regularly.

The pearl necklace on the right was a gift from a friend. It doesn’t come with the black bow (the bow came from a pair of shoes that I threw out because they were dying and unrepairable). I don’t wear it all that often but it does come out for a spin every now and then. I do like how it looks on my board, though.

The watch next to it was given to me by my father on Christmas… possibly Christmas 2005? It’s a two-tone piece, which is rather handy because I tend to mix metals. (Gasp! But I ‘have’ to; my grandmother gave me a white gold ring as a graduation present which I wear every day — but most of my earrings are set in gold, so it would have posed Such a Great Dilemma. But then the watch came.)

What else? The sheet of ovals with alphabet letters on them are actually stickers for scrapbooking. I like to keep bits and pieces of scrapbooking material lying around,  because they are rather pretty and I like being able to literally cast my eye around for materials when I’m throwing something together. The butterfly clip hanging onto it is from Alannah Hill and is called ‘Love Addict’. I’ve mentioned it before, with this outfit and this one.

The gold necklace to the left of it is a reproduction of an antique necklace my grandmother gave me. I used to wear the antique but I managed to snap it (horror, not sarcastic horror!) because I got it caught in a drawer and didn’t realise till I pulled away. Devastating. It’s sitting in one of my jewellery boxes, looking quite reproachful. I will take it to be repaired one day.

The reproduction is nearing vintage status, actually, so it’s a vintage reproduction of an antique, lol. How’s that for fashion points. It’s made of gold filigree beads and the larger gold filigree pendant has a tiny gold flower at its centre.

The pearl necklace above it is just a simple strand of pink freshwater pearls. I do love me some cheap pearls. They’re resting against two sheets of scrapbooking paper, and some scrapbooking clippings. To the left are some scrapbooking stickers with maudlin sayings like ‘Always’. Apologies to anyone who likes sweet romantic things! They’re very sweet. Very twee. I like twee, most of the time, but sweet written tropes tend to make me pull out the Scrooge impersonations.

What else? The many bows are often plucked off for impromptu bow accessorising. Bows glue my outfits together! And the little blue sparkly thing underneath the beige bow — and its pink partner — are also little hairclips, though I don’t use them as they don’t stay in my hair very well.

I used to have a bit more on that board, actually, but it’s been plucked away for book covers and outfits and all sorts of silly little thrown together things. I shall cast around for old photos of the next part of my room (maybe the wooden dollhouse underneath the board) and do the next post soonish.


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