And on to 2011

[insert lovely opening picture here — I can’t find one I like and I broke my internet. Such a sad end to 2010.]


I don’t often go for the New Year Resolution stuff or the Reflecting on the Past Year practice. Time is an illusion (and lunchtime doubly so, etc.) and marking the arbitrary beginning of an arbitrary line in the temporal sand is nice — but I prefer to do it when I feel like it. And I’m not often in the mood on the 31st of December. August, when due dates loom; now there’s a good time to reflect upon all of one’s mistakes and misdeeds and begin the ‘I will study next time just please let me pass’ chants XP. It probably doesn’t help that I’m a student, so my year doesn’t actually follow the 1st of January-31st of December calendar. It poises itself for a mid-January start (also known as ‘aww, I don’t want to start reading now! Semester hasn’t officially started!’), begins with trumpet fanfares in mid-February, and ends officially around mid-November, though it’s usually about December 26, when my supervisors fall off the face of the earth. (I love December 26.)


All cynicism aside, the coming of 2011 lets me make lists of things I want to happen, without looking too self-indulgent and controlling. (Oops, I did say ‘all cynicism aside’, didn’t I? Ah, I tried.)  Or maybe I just suck at making pseudo-resolution lists XP.



(1) I want to construct a TARDIS replica in my garden somewhere. If my carpentry skills prove lacking, then I want to buy a life-size TARDIS from someone whose carpentry skills pwn life.

(2) Failing this, I would be quite content with a sonic screwdriver. Nine/Ten screwdriver, though. They’re about $30-odd on eBay (I am talking about replicas, by the way, though a real sonic screwdriver would… ugh, it would be the most awesome moment of my life) but I’m honestly not all that willing to shell out $30-odd on a blue LED mounted on a piece of plastic.

(3) On a smaller scale, it would be awesome if I could get the red ink stains out  of my carpet. They’re fountain pen inks, so they’re water based, but they do seem rather stuck. And rather bright red. It doesn’t fuss me very much, really, but while we’re wishing for funny things, it might as well make the list.

(4) An actual resolution now: I will stop shooting my bandwidth by downloading shallow brain-killing films. (They’re my guilty pleasure.) If I want to kill my brain, I will do it in a way that does not eat my precious internet. There are no photos on this post because I can’t load anything >.>. It’s so painful.

(5) While we’re at it, I want more internet haunts. I may dive back into fandom. I want fanfic to be more about… stories and less about (relation)shipping. Also. I really need to find that fanart sketch of Professor Layton holding a rose in his teeth and lying seductively on a puzzle piece.  It is the funniest and most awesome piece of Layton fanart I’ve ever seen and I want it for giggles.


I think that’s it, really. If these five things pop up during the year, I will be one very happy bouncing human bean. It’s like a Christmas wishlist — so much potential rolled up in a thick layer of hopeful delusion.


And now, seriously: I hope you all have splendidly splendid 2011s. I’ll be resuming the room snippets posts when my internet starts behaving, and the outfit snaps when Valerie comes back from her jaunt through Singapore.


4 Comments to “And on to 2011”

  1. Happy New Year!

  2. You are delightful and make me laugh!

  3. Happy New Year, Andrea! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for The Stylish Blogger Award, cos I think your blog is ace 🙂 Check out

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