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April 20, 2011

In which I make excuses for not sharing

When this photo was taken, I had just eaten my way through a packet of fruit chews. Not extraordinary in the least — I eat entire packets of sweets often.

This may account for my desire to climb the stairs via the banister instead of, well, the stairs.

Stairs are so 2009, anyway. 2010, rather. Seeing as this isn’t 2010 any more, but 2011.

(I like how my little hat looks with this outfit. Very Romana II from the classic Doctor Who.)

I tried to save some sweets for Valerie. This is a snippet of what was left by the time she came back from her meeting with her thesis supervisors:


It just so happened to be the first time* I tried the Natural Confectionery Company’s fruit chews… so, naturally, I had to try at least each flavour.**

Multiple times, in case quality control was lacking that day.

You never know, really.

Also, one’s tastebuds occasionally get overexcited by unfamiliar flavours, making one think that the raspberry flavoured chew is similar to Allens Red Frogs. Second time around, though, proves that the raspberry bears an uncanny resemblance to children’s red Panadol, which is THE FLAVOUR FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL EURGHH. I used to ask my mum to crush Panadol tablets and mix them with honey instead of taking cherry-imposter liquid Panadol. Yeuch.

(If you’re curious, the blackberry ones taste like blackberry Soothers; the lemon one is a more tangy version of Starburst’s lemon chew; and the orange one is a lovely smooth orange without the strange bitterness at the end that you sometimes get with the gummy dinosaurs by the Natural Confectionery Company.)

Time to distract you from the evidence of my inability to share sweets. CUE JOPLIN’S ‘THE ENTERTAINER’!


(I fear the sugar is still coursing through my system. Skiing through my veins. Fwooohh, fwoooh. —That’s meant to be the sound skis make when slicing through snow, by the by.)


My Romana-hat is from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 10 collection and is called ‘My Little Boat’. It used to have a black grosgrain band but I replaced it with a bright navy one today. Rather shabbily, really, but it’s unnoticeable from afar. I was thinking of using a darker green but I didn’t have any on hand, so blue it is! Green might have been too matchy-matchy. We’ll see!

I’ve also trimmed my hat with a teal satin ribbon, and with a bright red grosgrain one, though I don’t think I’ve taken an outfit shot with the red trimming yet. Maybe next month.

My jacket is from Ralph Lauren. It reminds me a bit of my high school uniform but our blazers were navy, not tartan, so I can wear it without cringing too much. I like the way the yellow brightens the jacket’s palette — it would be a shade too gloomy without it, I think.

I tried to bring out the yellow in the jacket by pairing it with a yellow-cream pussy bow blouse from BCBG, and my ‘Look Up My’ skirt from Alannah Hill’s Spring/Summer 10 collection. The skirt goes with an awful lot of things — I’ve worn it with pastels, and with black. And with bright reds (which I’ve yet to photograph) and now with deep greens and blues. Really very versatile.

My shoes are the boots I wore to graduation — the My Little Pavalova boots from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 09 collection. I’m in a My Little Pavalova phase at the moment, I think; I want to wear them with everything. With good cause, too; they’re awesomesauce.

Going to photograph my happy new purchases tomorrow, I think. I’m going to Alannah Hill (surprise!) to pick up a new skirt and a pair of shoes. I already have the shoes in red but I need them in black. Tomorrow is Break from Thesis Day and I will be hedonistic to a fault.

Maybe I will get macarons, too. Am still bitter over the crumbly fail they served us at graduation.

* My sister has just informed me that I have indeed had fruit chews by the Natural Confectionery Company and apparently came to the exact same conclusion. I dub this selective memory of mine ‘Goldfish Tendencies’.

** There was only one lemon chew and this photo shows only a tiny bit of yellow wrapping. This isn’t because I threw it out, but because Valerie finished her meeting as I was unwrapping the lolly. It was proving a particularly cumbersome exercise as my body heat had caused it to melt a bit, and so the wax paper was more or less embedded in the chew. Once I received Valerie’s SMS stating she was coming to meet me, I began scrabbling at the wrapper like a person possessed, only to find that it made matters worse. And so I panicked. And popped the lolly in my mouth, paper firmly stuck on.

I hope paper won’t be too difficult to digest.

April 18, 2011


I feel very grown up.

Not only did I get to march and tip my hat and wear wizard robes (that’s what Valerie calls them), but I had to wake up early and be at uni by 8.30ish.

CRAZY TALK. Who on earth thinks it’s okay for me to get up before 8.30 in the morning? Absurd.

I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

Anyhoo. I’m wearing my very new and newest favourite Alannah Hill dress — the charcoal and pale blue Style Me Up Pet! frock from this season. It’s currently available in the black colourway on the online boutique (isn’t the online shop the worst thing ever for one’s wallet and wishlist?). I’m wearing it with the My Little Pavalova cola-coloured boots from the Autumn/Winter 09 collection.

These boots are amazing, by the by. I dashed across campus in ten minutes wearing them. They’re four inches. I’m more than comfortable in heels but I’ll admit that they’re not my choice of footwear when running a few minutes late. But these were fine. Very dashable. You should all have a pair, most certainly.

My academic gown is very stylish, with a swoopy wizardly cut and slits at the sleeves because… because, obviously. Attached to it is a hood trimmed in gold and white, which are the colours of my faculty. Gold for Bachelor’s degree; white for Arts. Can’t believe I picked a discipline that doesn’t have awesome bright colours. Poor planning on my part. (Though I would have graduated with a purple and gold hood had I finished law, I think.) Ulta3 Waterlily on tips and toes, and black pearl studs in my ears.

Oooh. And I have the trencher/mortarboard with very distracting tassel-y thing. Fabulous entertainment during the boring speeches.

I like that my father seems to think there’s an extra person between us. He is wearing Dad clothes, which I swear all fathers wear. Black pants, dress shirt sans tie, black blazer. My grandmother is next to me, wearing a fabulously bright brown and gold dress she made herself. She has a penchant for bright colours, and I think you can tell. And my mother is next to my grandmother, wearing a vintage dress that has rather cute and pretty detail. The white detail is a heart and diamond pattern embroidered onto chiffon (reminds me a bit of cross-stitch, but more fine) and the skirt has two very subtle box pleats.

You probably didn’t care too much about what they were wearing but who knows!

I would post more photos but they’re all graduation-y, which means they’re all nicely posed, ‘we are at an Event and it shall be Forever Commemorated Through Digital Media’ sort of affairs. This is actually the most interesting one (perhaps solely because my father is ruining the Special Event Pose; good man), and you can sort of see my dress and you can most definitely see my shoes. So. Win-win, really. Sort of.

I will be wearing the dress again soon and Valerie will take some happy snaps.

(Also. If any of you go to Macquarie University and are graduating this week — avoid the macarons. They are so disappointing. I made a beeline for them — shamelessly, actually, I was one of the first people to snatch one up — because I have a macaron addiction and they made me so sad. The macaron part of me crumbled and fell to pieces. So did the macaron, actually, which tells you how really-not-good it was.)

April 14, 2011

The wonders of Wondercap

This lucky bather is wearing a Wondercap:


I have one too, which makes me the winner of life, at the moment. (Yes, I’m in a rather cocky mood. Today has been a good day.)

You see, the Wondercap is really quite amazing. It is, I think, a miracle in a funny black shower cap. You know how some hair treatments work best when you wrap your hair in gladwrap? And, perhaps, some members of your household make fun of you for walking around with a head wrapped in plastic? Yeah. This is a more convenient and more glamorous (although only by default, really, as plastic wrap just isn’t cool) alternative.

I’ve been living with terribly heat-damaged hair for the past month or so, because I had been heat-styling it without a thermal protector (DON’T JUDGE ME, YOU GUISE). I suck at repurchasing thermal protectors. But I have one now. (SO DON’T JUDGE ME.) My hair desperately needs a cut and I’ve been meaning to get one for a while, but uni work coupled with my intense dislike of hair salons makes it rather difficult. (I have nothing against hairdressers. I just don’t like getting strapped into a chair with scissors waving around my ears. And, okay, I hate how some hairdressers make me feel guilty for failing to get regular trims and cuts. It becomes an ordeal akin to going to the dentist.)

My graduation is coming up, though, and I hate the thought of graduating with fried hair. I also don’t want to go to the salon with fried hair (guilt; ordeal; guilt; etc.).

Enter the Wondercap.

It’s a reusable, fairly weighty, quilted plastic cap with gel inside. All you have to do is:

1. Wash your hair (don’t condition);

2. Comb a hair treatment through your hair (the Wondercap comes with a conditioning treatment, though you can use any hair mask);

3. Zap the cap in the microwave for about two minutes;

4. Pop the cap on your head (easier said than done if you’re as uncoordinated as I);

5. Leave for five minutes;

6. Take the cap off, and rinse out the treatment.

I love it. I think it’s fabulous. This sounds evangelical, but YOU ALL MUST TRY IT. My hair looks alive again (as alive as hair can look, being dead and all). I’m not exaggerating, either — my hair used to be horribly crunchy and dry (I could fold near 90° angles on the ends) and now it’s not even frizzing. I’ve tried hot oil treatments, the infamous and really quite ridiculously awesome Kerastase Masquintense, and nothing comes close. (Although I can imagine the Kerastase under the Wondercap… that would be even more really quite ridiculously awesome.)

It’s also fairly easy to care for — all you have to do is rinse it out after using it, and leave it to dry. All done! Really low maintenance.

I bought mine at for $39.95 and would repurchase in a heartbeat if I ever needed to. I’ve also seen it available at some Shaver Shop branches, though not all. (Hornsby has one if anyone is in Sydney.)

Lovelovelove. I’m counting down the days till I can use it again (maybe with a different hair mask).

April 10, 2011

Yay, coat weather!

I have been a bad, bad blogger. I won’t bore you with the excuses; suffice to say, I have been so bogged down with work that I almost saved the draft of this blog post as ‘conferencepaper_v3’. Even though it feels like it’s all been work… it’s not all been work. (I would damn well hope so, considering how little I’ve produced.)

ANYWAY. No one cares about that (I’m boring myself just thinking about it), so! It’s almost coat season in Sydney and all my coats are ready to play. Too ready, really, as it’s actually a tiny bit too hot for my heavier coats, but any drop in temperature makes me want to take them out for a stroll.

I am wearing a pale silvery-blue dress from Fleur Wood (more detailed pictures of the dress here and here), which I think bounces with the grey in the coat quite nicely. I like how it peeks out at the neckline, though I do wish the snap buttons weren’t so very large and bulky… it disturbs the line a bit. But it’s not too obvious, so I suppose I’ll survive. (Or snip the button off, bwahahaha.) The blue suede shoes from Midas — you know, the ones to which I added a burgundy bow from scraps of bias tape. They’re never the right shade of blue, really; they’re always too bright or too warm or too cool a blue for whatever piece I’m trying to match it with at the time, but they seem to work when seen from far away. And when you can’t see much blue (like in this outfit). I find that it’s easier to co-ordinate hopelessly non-matching shades of the same colour by keeping them very very far apart. No one notices that the colours clash when one shade is on your hair and the other is on your feet. Very tricksy.

My stockings are cream with a very subtle mauve stripe. They’re called ‘Style Me Pretty’ and were from Alannah Hill’s Spring/Summer 10 collection. I’ve almost thoroughly trashed this pair, but I’ve still got a spare in pristine condition. Almost too scared to use the spare because I don’t want to ruin them. I get ridiculously attached to my clothes. I find that these stockings are perfect when mediating colour clashes, too — the Fleur Wood dress and the shoes really don’t go together at all unless I have pink-y pale hosiery.


My coat is from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 10 collection and is called ‘The Waiting Game’. It also came in a charcoal (you can see it here) but I have a Thing for red coats. I think it stems from having played the Carmen Sandiego computer games a lot. She had the most amazing red outfit in the universe.

…And I’ve just looked at the link to the charcoal coat and realised that my coat is officially orange, not red. Which has just blown my mind, because I’ve always thought of it as red. I suppose it’s a very bright, warm red. Like what the red Crayola pencil should have been, really. (You know. There’s the orange-red pencil, which is indisputably orange with bits of red mixed in; there’s the red-orange pencil, which looks like fire trucks and McDonald’s and Coca Cola and Maltesers packets and is indisputably red, and then there’s the plain red pencil which suddenly looks suspiciously plummy burgundy, because everyone knows that red = McDonald’s and fire trucks. I like the red now but it certainly didn’t look like a proper red when I was younger.)

The coat isn’t only red (that’s right, I’m going to insist it’s red), it has a bow. And bows make everything amazing. True fact.

You can’t really see the bow on the coat in these shots, can you? I think the bow is the Crowning Detail of Awesome. I remember seeing it in store and dying. And then trying it on and dying of heat exhaustion, because it was warm inside the store and I had just been walking at a fairly quick pace for half an hour. While wearing a leather jacket. I was almost put off this coat because it made me feel as though I had just donned a furnace but, thankfully, (ir)rationality prevailed and I am the very happy owner of one of the most twee coats in existence.

Look on the bow and say that it is not (one of) the most twee things in existence:


Okay, that’s not the clearest shot but the rest of the photos tend to feature me being a bit of a dork so… it’s this one or nothing. And, please ignore the fact that my beret looks like a giant melted marshmallow. I’m not quite sure how it ended up looking like that.

Speaking of marshmallows, do you know what is amazingly amazing? Marshmallows melted on chocolate chip cookies. Pop some chocolate chip cookies in the oven (toaster oven is best, really) and top each one with a marshmallow. Heat till marshmallow is all gooey goodness. Gobble. Enjoy. It’s like s’mores for lazy people.