I have a sock in my hair.

I also have lots of pretty new things to play with. I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while but so many AAUGH PANIC moments have happened over the past few days (‘final paper due in four days what i thought it was the abstract aaaugh’, for instance; ‘conference registration due tomorrow since when i just spent the money on shoes and i have three cents in my account’, for another). Hopefully this month will be a little less hectic.

Oh, and I have a sock in my hair.  Now that my hair has been restored from horrible crunchy crispy straw to touchable hair again (thank you, Wondercap, you miracle), I’ve been obsessed with getting the big, soft loose curls I used to have when I was an undergrad. I had a great haircut back then, but then a hairdresser butchered my hair (attacked it with a razor to thin it out) and I’ve been growing out the damage ever since. The cut also managed to minimise my curls, which I’m sure is a good thing if that’s what you’re after… but my hair looks ridiculous when it’s straight. So. I’ve had to turn to styling tools instead. I’m waiting on a set of Babyliss hot rollers from ry.com.au, which should be here at the end of the week. But I have no patience, so I’ve rolled a sock into my hair. Princess Leia style. It requires absolutely no heat — just a hair tie and a sock.


I learnt it from Loepsie on Youtube:

It’s quite difficult to explain, so I think you should click and watch the video — it involves rolling your hair into a sock, which sounds simple and complex all at the same time. If you’re not familiar with the sock bun, she has a link to her sock bun tutorial, too. Hopefully my hair will turn out as nicely as hers did. I’m going out tomorrow, which means an outfit post (with some of my recently purchased pretty new things) should be in the works — and maybe my hair will feature there, too. Here’s hoping!

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4 Comments to “I have a sock in my hair.”

  1. Oohh thanks for this, I’m always looking for simple ways to curl my hair! I learnt how to do a sock bun from her video, so I will give this a try! xx

  2. Hey so my hair lives in a bun a lot lately because I am in dire need of a haircut … but I will try le sock bun for some Oomph! ha ha thanks for sharing.

  3. Holy crap this sock-bun-curl business looks too good to be true! I love you for bringing this to my attention… shall try (need to get a sock to be murdered first) and let you know!! Let us know how it works for you too!

  4. Goddamn it. There isn’t much I wouldn’t do to have hair like hers. I would sell my soul to lucifer. That video makes me feel so sad about my pathetic wispy hair 😦

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