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December 19, 2010

Workaholics? Never.

I’m still awake. I should be in bed because today was Ignore Work Day, godsdammit, but then I got an email and lo and behold, back on the work wagon. I am glued to my email. I imagine I could ignore my email and thus have Ignore Work Day, but I find it very difficult to do. It’s not just because I have work things — I also get store updates, forum subscriptions and private messages and all sorts of internet-y things that constitute a great percentage of my life.

(Yes, I am an internet addict and unashamedly so. The internet is one giant playground of in-jokes and interesting discussions and general epic adventures.)

The above screenshot is the latest email exchange between me and a senior academic. He’s my not-really supervisor (my supervisor’s old supervisor, actually), and he’s helping me draft an article for possible publication in an academic journal… hence the ‘sent another draft’ and ‘did minor edits’ captions.

Excuse me while I nerd it out for a bit in my little happy 1am corner. Publishing is a huge deal for me because I am an unjaded fledgling.



I’ve been doing that ever since I got the offer. Squee. Squee.

Those little, tiny, sometimes capitalised ‘squeeee’s. No exclamation mark. I am very bad at exclamation marks. I try very hard, but it’s easier to be exclamation-y in my head than it is to act it out. I’m very introverted.

Anyway. Look at those times. 2.37am, 7.35am, 9.57pm, 12.11am, 12.57am. What are we doing still awake? Why do I not get Ignore Work Days? I whinge but I revel in it all, I really do.

This is why Frursday and Fraturday and Sat- Sun- er… Sunterday? exists. (Pseudo-portmanteau words courtesy of That Unreliable Girl, who has a wonderful blog full of whimsical photos that you must visit, stat. The whimsy must be seen! Go see. Good.)

That’s it, really. Just had to share something that interested me and probably doesn’t interest you in the slightest. My apologies. I imagine I’ll have an outfit post up for you tomorrow, if Valerie is up for a photo session.

(I’ll also be dedicating an entire page to Valerie, eventually, so you’ll get to know a little bit about this mysterious photo-snapping character. It’s in the works. Look out for it over the next week or so.)