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December 11, 2010

Faily scrawlin’

I’ve been pining after a flexible fountain pen nib for a while because it allows for more character in one’s handwriting. Basically, it means that I’d be able to do thin strokes and thick strokes at will, which would mean I’d have awesome looking handwriting. That’s the theory, anyway.

I was considering a vintage pen brand called Esterbrook, which has wonderfully flexy nibs but — and here’s where I start to wrestle with myself — I don’t actually like how the pens look. (Click the link above to see pictures.) Some people like them. I can see why; it’s just not my sense of aesthetic.

A couple of weeks ago, it was a moot dilemma because I was (and am) terribly broke and a cheapie Esterbrook was out of my price range.

But then Valerie (kind, wonderful, albeit rather bratty Valerie), bought me an Esterbrook SJ in cherry red, with a 1555 firm medium nib and a 9048 flexible fine nib:

I missed out on the elusive 9128 extra fine, extra flexible nib but I have heard tell that it is not all that fine nor that flexible. And a 9048 suits me just dandy. It’s my first Esterbrook so I have nothing to compare it with save for my other pens — an exercise which, I suspect, is not so much apples and oranges but more like apples and alien ants from outer space.

I’ve been playing with a pretend-flexible nib while waiting for my Estie to arrive. It’s a cheap dip pen I bought for Valerie aaages ago, and now I’m claiming it till I get sick of it. The nib is fairly springy but not as flexible as an actual-flexible-nib, I think. But I’ve been able to play around, which makes me rather happy. And ink-stained. I cannot play with inks without getting it all over my fingers, which you can see on the photos, lol.

See my scribbles! (And be kind — I’ve never worked with a flex nib before. My lines are all wonky.) These are all done with J Herbin’s 1670 ink on a Rhodia Dot Pad No. 16. Bonus points if you can get the references in the first two. Many bonus points. And virtual cookies.


I did a few others but how many pictures of rather bad ‘calligraphy’ can one handle, really.