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December 28, 2010

Room snippets I

It’s funny, trying to draw together a blog post from old unused photos. I’ve become accustomed to using the day’s photographs and shenanigans and throwing it all together in one happy blundering stream of consciousness. This is a shot from that-day-before-Christmas (possibly the 21st of December; I can’t recall now) that Valerie took while I was popping on the last of my accessories (that belt is a pain and a half to get right). She suggested I use the shots as an introduction to my room. Alas, I don’t have any other shots of my room at the moment, so it’s going to be this one. I will have to do this post in parts, I think, else it’ll get too lengthy and I’ll bore you all.

The wall looks a tad empty, but my room is a bit small and I think that too many things would weigh it all down. It’s quite crowded as it is, though it’s a nice sort of crowded (at the moment). When I clean up and procure another camera, I’ll take a few photos.

I dislike ornaments generally (they get dusty and I have allergies) but I also dislike blank empty rooms, so I’ve made my clothes, accessories and makeup play double-duty as display pieces.  This means I get dressed from the walls of my room, which amuses me (and Valerie) very much… and it leaves me a lot of storage space in my wardrobe.

Let’s take a glance around. It’s not the clearest of pictures but I like the lighting — Valerie shot this when my room gets tinged golden yellow by the sun. The walls are actually a pale yellowy peachy cream — cream in the morning light; yellow in the afternoon; and peach at night when I have my lamps and lights on.

On my wall I have a corkboard, which I’ve covered in dusty cream muslin and pinned all sorts of things. I actually have a shot of it around here somewhere  (I’m going through my blog now and I have quite a few shots of bits and pieces in my room after all!). Ooh, found it:


The pieces of paper are a bit out of date, but I haven’t been busy enough to warrant drawing up new timetables and to-do lists. My ballet shoes, too, have been hung up almost for good. (They’re pointe shoes I ripped apart to make into softer demi-pointes, so no tips-of-the-toes work in these shoes.) Most of the other things, though, are all in working order and I use them quite regularly.

The pearl necklace on the right was a gift from a friend. It doesn’t come with the black bow (the bow came from a pair of shoes that I threw out because they were dying and unrepairable). I don’t wear it all that often but it does come out for a spin every now and then. I do like how it looks on my board, though.

The watch next to it was given to me by my father on Christmas… possibly Christmas 2005? It’s a two-tone piece, which is rather handy because I tend to mix metals. (Gasp! But I ‘have’ to; my grandmother gave me a white gold ring as a graduation present which I wear every day — but most of my earrings are set in gold, so it would have posed Such a Great Dilemma. But then the watch came.)

What else? The sheet of ovals with alphabet letters on them are actually stickers for scrapbooking. I like to keep bits and pieces of scrapbooking material lying around,  because they are rather pretty and I like being able to literally cast my eye around for materials when I’m throwing something together. The butterfly clip hanging onto it is from Alannah Hill and is called ‘Love Addict’. I’ve mentioned it before, with this outfit and this one.

The gold necklace to the left of it is a reproduction of an antique necklace my grandmother gave me. I used to wear the antique but I managed to snap it (horror, not sarcastic horror!) because I got it caught in a drawer and didn’t realise till I pulled away. Devastating. It’s sitting in one of my jewellery boxes, looking quite reproachful. I will take it to be repaired one day.

The reproduction is nearing vintage status, actually, so it’s a vintage reproduction of an antique, lol. How’s that for fashion points. It’s made of gold filigree beads and the larger gold filigree pendant has a tiny gold flower at its centre.

The pearl necklace above it is just a simple strand of pink freshwater pearls. I do love me some cheap pearls. They’re resting against two sheets of scrapbooking paper, and some scrapbooking clippings. To the left are some scrapbooking stickers with maudlin sayings like ‘Always’. Apologies to anyone who likes sweet romantic things! They’re very sweet. Very twee. I like twee, most of the time, but sweet written tropes tend to make me pull out the Scrooge impersonations.

What else? The many bows are often plucked off for impromptu bow accessorising. Bows glue my outfits together! And the little blue sparkly thing underneath the beige bow — and its pink partner — are also little hairclips, though I don’t use them as they don’t stay in my hair very well.

I used to have a bit more on that board, actually, but it’s been plucked away for book covers and outfits and all sorts of silly little thrown together things. I shall cast around for old photos of the next part of my room (maybe the wooden dollhouse underneath the board) and do the next post soonish.

December 26, 2010

Thar be ducks


Apologies for my absence! No rest for the wicked, etc. I’m afraid outfit shots will be few and far between for the next few days — Valerie has zipped off overseas and so I am minus one photographer. These shots were taken quite a while ago, actually, sometime before Christmas. We were at uni — yes, during the Christmas break —  as I had some books to pick up and some forms to submit.

Campus is wonderfully quiet during the semester break. And with all the paving, it’s more than an ideal place to test Valerie’s cheap Aldi scooter (at $25, it would be epic even if it fell apart after two metres). Aldi is, for some reason, Valerie’s drug of choice for cheap junk. So far, between the two of us, we’ve accumulated:

  • One scooter;
  • One ultrasonic cleaner;
  • Three boxes of wooden blocks;
  • Four Halloween-themed ice cube trays;
  • A toaster (‘????’ indeed);
  • Two iPod docking speaker thingehs;
  • A Wii Fit accessories set;
  • Approximately one kilogram of fairy floss over the space of three weeks, though I’ve most definitely eaten it all. Very sad.


I think there’s more; I just can’t recall. We’ve also tried all the chocolates and most of the ice creams. The stuff is good. Better than good. Chocolates made in Germany seriously pwn any and all supermarket brands.

The Aldi people recognise us, as we’re there far too often and we buy strange things. When we’re not buying strange things, we’re buying ‘snack food only’ or ‘just breakfast’ (like six boxes of ice cream; or one avocado, a small packet of bacon and a packet of English muffins)  standing patiently in line as elderly person after elderly person unloads the groceries for the week.

We don’t just stick to our local Aldis, either. I think we’ve gone to every single Aldi within half an hour — which is an awfully long way to go when there are two within ten minutes of my place, really. When one pops up near uni, it’ll probably become our newest haunt.

Save us all.

Until then, we’ll just stay around campus, wheeling scooters around and chasing ducks. (DUCKS, BOOYEAH.)


At my uni, if you’re interested in the ducks you’re usually (a) a first-year student; (b) an international student; (c) new for another reason.

You may also be (d) drunk, but I’m never around when parties and things are on, so I’m not too sure how true the last one is.

I still like them. Not because they’re new and fascinating but because they’re so used to people that they don’t fly off when you come close. They don’t like people, though, so all they do is waddle away quite discreetly. Such polite birds.

They probably didn’t like the jangling sound my belt made, either. It’s a plain brown  leather belt I found at an op shop, with holes trimmed in gold hardware, like tiny thin washers (you know, the things… in… machines). I threaded a length of brass chain through one of them, and attached an antique brass compass and a large reproduction skeleton key, from an Oroton keyring.

My earrings are little typewriter keys, purchased from KeysAndMemories on Etsy. One says ‘backspace’ and the other is the ‘?/’ punctuation key. I don’t wear them half as often as I should, as they’re a bit bigger than I’d like — but, alas, miniature typewriters don’t exist, so! They just sit around looking very pretty, which satisfying enough for me.

My headband is made of little watchfaces that I glued onto a Diva band (they’re always falling off, too ><). And I’ve just realised I forgot to include a shot of my necklace. Here it is, anyway:

It’s from BirdzNbeez, also on Etsy, and has non-working watchparts in the centre. I’ve posted close-ups of all of these accessories here.

The dress is from Fleur Wood and my shoes are from… I can’t recall. The name has faded, too. They feel like Siren shoes but I’m not certain. I used to have little gold watchgears on the buckle, but they’ve slipped off.

And my little bag is from TamiLyn on Etsy, who makes beautiful pieces made from scraps of vintage tablecloths and old buttons. Definitely worth a look ^^.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

December 5, 2010

Excuses, excuses

This is my life at the moment, except I’m not cursed and/or blessed enough to be a PhD candidate yet. I can’t believe I’m crossing my fingers to get in; except I can, because I really don’t know what else I’d do with my life.

It’s not as bad as all that. I just like to be a martyr for the cause. For the cause of what, I don’t quite know, but I’m in Arts and Humanities and my job involves asking the questions, not answering them. (Teehee.)

Basically, this horrifying and awe-inspiring spiral of doom means that I’m a little short on time and inspiration for outfits. I’m terribly sorry. Mea culpa, mea culpa. I tend to spend a great deal of my time wearing very very boring little ensembles so that I can procrastin- work, I mean, work comfortably. I love my outfits and most of them are terribly comfortable but pyjamas are really the most comfortable things in the universe, bar none. Unfortunately, they are also one of the more boring things to photograph, and so I have no outfit photos.

I think, on this graph, I’m at the first stage… more or less. I’m already very bad at brushing my hair and I’ve never had contacts in my life, because I’m terrified of gouging my eye out with my fingernail. (I know. It’s not going to happen. But I stand by the possibility.)

I solemnly swear, legal contracts and pinky promises and all manner of binding oaths, that I will never ever get to the ‘brush teeth?’ stage. Or the ‘socks with sandals’ moment. I am very fond of my teeth (and I am one of those few people who like going to the dentist) and socks with sandals is too many levels of horrendous.

Socks with high heels, however… may wear that tomorrow and will try my hardest to get photos up.

Until then, here are a few of my favourite procrastination-y links to get you through your Mondays:

Okay, back to work for me, I’m afraid. Sigh. 😛

December 4, 2010

Secret gardens


When I was younger, I was an avid reader of Frances Hodgson Burnett. Every strangely exotic (and worryingly Orientalist) setting she wrote about; every annoyingly precocious and lovable child protagonist she created; every ‘oh that was lucky’ plot turn she employed — I loved. I still do, although for rather different reasons, both academic and nostalgic.

About a year ago, Valerie and I had the brilliant idea of trimming her father’s potted geranium plants (grown woefully rather tall) and making a makeshift plot near her kitchen window. They were quite tiny, unnoticeable cuttings — most of them got uprooted over the autumn and winter months, and I often ran outside to scold them and push them back into the soil. Those cuttings became our own little secret garden, or ‘sekrit garden’, because the whole situation was more than a little bit absurd and deserved teh spellinz of teh intarwebz.

Our Garden of Sekrit and Tricksiness is growing quite contentedly; in fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s becoming a monster of a flower patch. Valerie and I have moved from carefully tending the cuttings to wantonly trimming the leaves, yelling ‘off with their heads!’ and other awesome warcries. It’s nowhere near the picture I used at the top of this post, but it certainly feels like it in my head.

The thing about having a garden that is so Sekrit and Tricksy, though, is that… well… you can’t tell anyone. And when the actual owner of the garden isn’t quite sure why there are new geraniums growing where he never planted them, do you really want to tell him, ‘IT WAS I! I decapitated your geranium bushes and planted their little severed heads!’ ?’

No. Not really.

For a while, he had decided — ‘he’ being Valerie’s father; the owner of the garden — that the geraniums just appeared there as some freak of nature and, no less, are tending to themselves. This amused me a great deal, and still does, although it does mean that I can’t stop trimming the geraniums: if I do, no one will trim them because, as far as Valerie’s father is concerned, they’re self-sufficient planty soldiers.

Just yesterday, however, Valerie informed me that her father has a new theory: that there is a very neat bird attacking his geraniums.

This very neat bird, mind, is neater than most: it not only trims the geraniums evenly, but also piles the geranium trimmings in a neat little stack on the compost heap.

I didn’t know birds could be so finicky.

It’s kind of awesome to think that Valerie’s garden is inhabited by neat birds, even if they don’t exist and it’s really me and Valerie playing ‘kill the enemy!’ in the flowerbeds.

November 27, 2010

Christmas tiiiiime

And we know it’s here, because it is REALLY AMAZINGLY HOT and my skin is sticking to my pleather chair.

(It’s allowed to be pleather because it’s a vintage find from the late 1970s that my parents picked up for a song and I stole it from the dining room, so it’s vintage and free and how is that not awesome.)

I was reading Radio Carly about an hour ago, and she has a post on Christmas (which I’ve just linked you to, to save you the Googlin’), which is basically the inspiration for this post. Her post makes a wee bit more sense than mine, because she actually does Christmas things, and I do not. I suspect this post will follow in the same vein.

Carly mentions the film Love Actually, in which Rowan Atkinson plays a department store sales assistant who wraps gifts with srs style.

I thought my gift-wrapping skills were skillz-with-a-z but Atkinson’s character takes the cake. Here, for the record, is one of my attempts at gift-wrapping:

Please note that Atkinson has lots of spiffy boxes as well as a shiny cellophane bag full of roses and lavender and cinammon, and mine is basically just a box. With a ribbon and a couple of wooden gears I picked up from Etsy. The interior is also sans flowers and spices but crammed full of $1 tissue paper from Hot Dollar. I am a high-rollin’ wrapper.

I spent my 2008 Christmas at a jewellery chain store and quickly learnt the art of cramming mass-produced fine jewellery into boxes and making it look flashy and classy and all levels of High Performance Art. I was not, alas, able to carefully pour rosebuds into cellophane bags but I did don the occasional imposing black gloves, which can be strangely impressive, somehow.

…I’m not quite sure why, either. Don’t customers wonder why sales assistants put gloves on only to hand the product over to the bare-handed customer?

Either way, I have that three-month Christmas stint to thank for my ability to tie bows in a few seconds. I can also do them without people holding the knot for me (though I could do that before Christmas Casual-ing). I’m not actually sure how holding the knot helps, come to think of it. When customers tried to help me, I always messed it up. Ver’ baffling.

And in the spirit of Christmas (the retail one, not the religious one), I WANT STUFF.

I wouldn’t say no to this lovely Waterman Perspective fountain pen (it’s the blue one in the middle):

photo from

I don’t care if the nib is terrible (okay, I do) because the body/barrel is so amazingly striking and subtle and full of win. It looks like etched glass. How I want. It’s $400 in Australia but much cheaper overseas. I am very glad I do not have $400, else I would be buying it right this minute.

I also wouldn’t mind a laptop but I haven’t yet decided on one, so can’t really say very much.


I think I’ve grown up a lot now and am basically a Real Adult, because my Christmas wishlist is suddenly quite short and features boring things that are quite useful, like ‘a vacuum cleaner’ and ‘a new laptop’.

A laptop would never be boring.

Nor, actually, would a vacuum cleaner.


I’m not even wearing an interesting outfit.

I will wear one tomorrow.

It will be awesome.

There will be photos.

Stay tuned.

(And, re the giveaway: it’s in the works, I promise! Just adding a few things to the notebook and doing a spot of shopping to round out the package. Thinking of Ulta3 nail polish in shades that reflect the notebook.)

November 23, 2010

Pearls and perfume and pithy posts

Short post today because I’m running a tad late (and blogging is more interesting than cleaning my room, so it obviously takes priority XP!). I think Valerie’s settled on a perfume, maybe two, and so we’re back to Mecca Cosmetica to sample a second one, wait for it to dry down on her skin, and then decide from there. I have a feeling that she’s going to go with the first one (Comme des Garcons Wonderwood), but we’ll see.

This is what I’m wearing:


The blouse is — surprise of surprises! — from Alannah Hill, and called ‘It’s A Legal Implication’. This amused me very much as a law student, which tells you a lot about my sad sense of humour, lol! The skirt is my black pleated skirt from Hong Kong and goes with everything. I suspect it’s my version of ‘the favourite and flattering pair of jeans’.

And there’s a headband in the upper left corner, except I didn’t arrange it properly and didn’t realise. Here’s a close-up shot:

It’s called ‘I Don’t Care for Pearls’ and I have so many it’s quite ridiculous. Can you tell I hoard similar things?

Okay, have to dash. Will update on any perfume adventures later. (I’ve just realised I’m terribly curious about CdG’s Sherbet.)

November 19, 2010

I proclaim today ‘Lazy Day’!


Not that yesterday and the day before weren’t lazy days. But today is definitely the Lazy Day to End All Lazy Days, the St Crispin’s Day of Lazy Days… except I refuse to insult anyone’s manhood, because that would be misogynistic and androcentric, and it’s not their fault that their Fridays aren’t filled with pillows and copious amounts of tea.

They probably have more spending money than I do, anyway.

The day started off on a fairly energetic start: to T2 Teahouse, for rampant story-writing and tea-drinking (and tea-purchasing). I’m partial to writing in coffee-houses and, I’ll admit it, Starbucks is a favourite. A coffee connoisseur I am not! But Starbucks has consistently mediocre coffee and the staff lets me stay there for as long as I want, which is all that I really ask. But Valerie prefers tea, and though I’m not a huge tea fan, T2 has a passable (though worryingly colonial and imperialist) atmosphere. (Their new image is less Exotic Mystical Asia and more street grunge graffiti, because, you know, tea is the hip drink on the streets.)

After ordering a bafflingly red drink called Ruby Vanilla, which is less tea and more rather sweet syrup and bitter grapefruit juice — though with a name like that, how could I resist? — we settled down to scrawl, sip tea, and stare at passers-by.

This is me, people-watching. I’ve blurred out my face because there are few things worse than my facial expression when I’m people-watching. This is what I’ve decided, anyway, because it sure as hell scared me.

Okay. Looking at that now, I’m almost inclined to think that I have just created the stuff of nightmares.  Faceless horrors indeed.


I wore the dress with my Sretsis glass bird ring and a ring I bought from Lovisa:

I wore them on the same hand, with the flower ring on  my index and the bird ring on my ring finger. First time I’ve had so many costume rings on my hand at the one time. (The Lovisa flower ring is my first ever chunky costume ring, actually. Bought it a few months ago.) It’s a really fun look that I see on a lot of blogs, but I’ve never worked out how to pull it off. Not sure if I did it this time ’round — because, okay, a flower and a bird is a little bit twee — but I enjoyed it ^^.

I also wore this Alannah Hill clip in my hair:

It’s called ‘Love Addict’ and I am very very fond of it. I have it in black, as well, and I’ve lost and re-bought that black one three times. Most traumatising. This one, thankfully, tends to stay where it’s been put. It usually lives on my corkboard, on which my other accessories and important notes are pinned:

There it is, near the ‘To Do’ list and ‘Important Dates’ table (which hasn’t been updated for years ^^;.) Click to enlarge if you want a closer look. I’ll probably do a post on it later, actually; it’s virtually brimming with lots of interesting things ^^.

Aaand… one thing about T2: the chairs are divinely decadent but the tables are amazingly high. I can rest my chin on the tabletop. It makes it difficult to write and brings a whole new meaning to ‘high tea’, let me assure you. I feel like I’m four again, scurrying under the table at restaurants (because other under-tables are so much more fun than the ones at home, lol!).

Speaking of T2’s furnishings… does anyone know where to get the tea-timers they use?

It’s the three-timer thingeh. The darker blue measures five minutes, the middle measures three and the white measures one. We could always use our watches or phones to time tea, but why do that when there are gorgeous little miniature hourglasses?

You can also see my notebook and strangely sweet Ruby Vanilla tea. The teapot is full of slightly overbrewed Jade Ring tea, which is handcrafted tea made from early green tea leaves, rolled into the shape of a small ring. I don’t know anything about tea so I can’t tell you much about it. Valerie says:

It was really just a… really slow brewing green tea. I can’t say that there was anything special about it. Although, there were some creamy notes I got at the start that I’ve not had before.

There you have it! Our resident tea drinker is not very impressed. But she’s not terribly impressed with T2 teas generally, I think; they’re a bit too light and the quality isn’t as good as other teas. We’re going to trial teas from The Tea Centre very soon, though, just to compare.
Just for the record, and in case you’re searching for a new notebook, my notebook is a green unlined Clairefontaine, purchased at Borders for under $20. The paper is exquisite and the best quality paper you can get for miles, I think (at a good price, anyway). Fountain pen and every-pen friendly. Almost edible, I swear to you.

You can also find them at and their ink-and-pen sibling site,, along with a great selection of Rhodia, Moleskine and Quo Vadis. Trust me, stationery fiends, this is Stationery Mecca. (Did anyone else die of happiness when they saw Paperchase replaced by Telegram’s stocked brands at Borders? I think the Borders sales staff were a bit baffled by the reactions that Valerie and I had. I would have had the same reaction if I had found an authentic vintage Chanel for $2, lol!)