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November 12, 2010

Suits me

Summer is definitely on its way, and I’ve begun to wistfully turn my eye to winter fashion. Shop mannequins are being draped in gauzy white dresses and the dreaded nautical trend, and all I really want now are some well-cut cigarette pants and a good collection of patterned vests.

Pants. Yes. I don’t actually own any. I don’t know where my jeans have gone, either. I spent all of winter bare-legged or in patterned stockings, which was rather fun but I’m in the mood for something different.

I want suits. Basically, I want to try this:

I’m a great fan of Tilda Swinton. I think she’s incredibly striking and acts a deliciously evil villain. I am particularly fond of her penchant for dressing in suits — which quite a few women do, but Swinton often does it with a certain level of androgyny that others don’t. (Case in point: Cate Blanchett vs Tilda Swinton. Blanchett is terribly striking in a suit but she is, more often than not, styled in a feminine way; Swinton is who-knows-who-cares-it’s-attractive.)

I’m not sure where I’d get the suits to attempt that androgynous look; I’m a petite kids 12 (AU 6, although that’s near impossible to find in most stores) and there are very few producers of children’s suits. I’m eyeing Ralph Lauren but my budget doesn’t allow it at the moment. Terribly unfair.

…This post was meant to be about me and suits and now all I can think about is Tilda Swinton and how much she intrigues me, aesthetically.  I wouldn’t call her pretty; ‘pretty’ feels tame. Just ‘striking’. Incredibly striking. She’s like an alien, and I mean that in a good way.

I first saw her in Orlando (which is a film that would taste like ruby syrup if it were edible, and if the syrup of rubies existed), and I think she might have been my first female celebrity crush. I crush on celebrities in rather disturbing ways. I hear most people want to marry their celebrity crushes or, at least, sleep with them. Or have a date, or spend a day, or something. (Poor celebrities. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.)

I want my favourite celebrities, in miniature, walking around on my desk or sitting in my pockets. I want them with me. All. The. Time. I don’t need to sleep with them; I just need to have them on-call to entertain me and incite those ‘Eee!’ moments. I think Tilda Swinton is one of the few celebrities whom I don’t quite want to shrink, only because she’s never made me squee, just quietly watch. She has a very arresting presence and I don’t think it’d work too well in miniature. And I don’t think she’d appreciate being tiny-fied. (Not that, say, Gene Kelly would. But he doesn’t have terribly piercing eyes that half scare me. And, wouldn’t a tiny tap-dancing Gene Kelly be the epitome of awesome? It would.)

Mmm. Might make Valerie watch Orlando very, very soon. (Hello, Valerie.)