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November 28, 2010

Giveaway time!

Picked up some Ulta3s*— and they’re for you!

(*Okay, one of them is an NYC, but that’s just a repackaged Ulta3. It’s a tricksy spy Ulta3, infiltrating non-pharmacy bases. You have to love it for that.)

I was hoping to find Earl Grey and Cocoa Bean, because I know a few people are after them, but the Pulse Pharmacy I went to was sadly quite raided.

This set is made of my favourite colour palette: cherry red, pale blue, and pale pink. I love wearing these colours all together or in pairs (I’ve  only posted a blue and red outfit so far), particularly because they’re commonly considered to be Colours That Clash. I personally think they look rather spiffing together if you have the right shades and the right textures.

I’ve also decorated a Moleskine cahier in navy and cream, which is one of my other favourite colour combinations (particularly when I’m in a preppy student mood).

I’ve used a few bits and pieces lying around my room. There’s a piece of a print of a map of Paris; a scrap of a letter from 1942; a wooden button; a bow I made out of tattered chiffon (from an old high school hair accessory), a strip of lace peeking out here and there, from my Year 12 formal dress; a felt flower with a diamante centre from an Alannah Hill cardigan. (This is the cardigan here.)

Let’s talk boring admin stuff.

This giveaway is open to readers in Australia only. (I don’t think I have any readers overseas but if I do — hello! Sorry that this giveaway isn’t open to you; I’m afraid I’m a bit short on cash this month and can’t afford postage outside of Australia. Next time, I promise.)

To enter, you have to do one thing:

1. Leave me one comment. It can be anything. It can be a simple ‘hi’; it can be chatty; it can be a copy and paste from a Wikipedia article. (I would love this, because I have a warped sense of ‘awesome’.) Only one comment will count per person, unless you left a note on my ‘should I do a giveaway?’ post prior to the 28th of November 2010.

Please leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win — it won’t be published or used for any other purpose. A blog address/Vogue username would be fine, too ^^. (Or say who you are if I know you in real life. Maybe leave me a message on my FB wall saying you entered?)

This giveaway ends on December 12, 2010 at 11.59pm, AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Comments will be allocated numbers in the order in which they are received, and I will use to generate the winning numbers on December 13. The winner will be notified via teh interwebz (email, blog comment, Facebook, PM on the Vogue forums) on the same day. The book and nail polish will be posted to the winner in a 500g Australia Post Express satchel.

Good luck!

November 20, 2010

Snow bunnies

My, I miss winter. I’m really in the mood to wear one of my favourite outfits: a red skirt with different sized polka dots, a cream bow belt, a navy blue cardigan and a red/cream/navy/tan/pink scarf. It makes me feel like a little snow bunny on a snowy mountain, except a very unsuitably dressed bunny because the outfit is just a very thin cardigan and a scarf.

I’m not wearing it today which means no photos, which unfortunately (for you!) means that I will have to draw it for you on Microsoft Paint.

Yes. Have to.

Ta da! Skillz, yo. The swatches of colour on the right aren’t anything at all; just me trying to work out what shades worked best.

The skirt, cardigan and scarf are all from Alannah Hill’s Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. The skirt is called ‘Lost in Headlights’ and also came in black with cream spots, which I now want rather desperately (even though I’m not quite sure how I’d style it). The cardigan is called ‘The Odd Moment!’ and the scarf is called ‘Sweet as Sugar’. Autumn/Winter 09 was an awesome season. So many happy buys.

Edited: Okay, I took a photo of my outfit after all, just because it seems a bit slack to just show you my Paint scrawls:

I’ve included my earmuffs in this shot. They’re also called ‘Sweet as Sugar’ and I wear them surprisingly often because my ears freeze off in winter. I don’t actually feel the cold except in my ears and sometimes my nose — my hands and feet are apparently freezing to the touch but they generally feel all right to me! I made the hair-bow myself, though you’ll find very similar ones on Etsy.

These are my shoes:

I added the bow myself from the leather of an old, unsalvageable pair of red suede shoes. Ripping those old shoes to shreds was amazingly fun. Look at the carcass:

I stripped both shoes in case the leather would come in handy. Haven’t had reason to use them yet, though I imagine that it’d make a nice leather headband or something. If you’re going to do it to your shoes, it’s much easier to do with a well-loved and beaten-up pair of shoes with both leather upper and leather lining — much softer and easier on your hands and scissors.

I think I’m now going to have to go off and play with all my summer dresses so that I don’t pine for winter so badly. Summer means floaty silk and little cardigans. Repeat; summer means floaty silk and little cardigans; summer means…