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April 18, 2011


I feel very grown up.

Not only did I get to march and tip my hat and wear wizard robes (that’s what Valerie calls them), but I had to wake up early and be at uni by 8.30ish.

CRAZY TALK. Who on earth thinks it’s okay for me to get up before 8.30 in the morning? Absurd.

I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

Anyhoo. I’m wearing my very new and newest favourite Alannah Hill dress — the charcoal and pale blue Style Me Up Pet! frock from this season. It’s currently available in the black colourway on the online boutique (isn’t the online shop the worst thing ever for one’s wallet and wishlist?). I’m wearing it with the My Little Pavalova cola-coloured boots from the Autumn/Winter 09 collection.

These boots are amazing, by the by. I dashed across campus in ten minutes wearing them. They’re four inches. I’m more than comfortable in heels but I’ll admit that they’re not my choice of footwear when running a few minutes late. But these were fine. Very dashable. You should all have a pair, most certainly.

My academic gown is very stylish, with a swoopy wizardly cut and slits at the sleeves because… because, obviously. Attached to it is a hood trimmed in gold and white, which are the colours of my faculty. Gold for Bachelor’s degree; white for Arts. Can’t believe I picked a discipline that doesn’t have awesome bright colours. Poor planning on my part. (Though I would have graduated with a purple and gold hood had I finished law, I think.) Ulta3 Waterlily on tips and toes, and black pearl studs in my ears.

Oooh. And I have the trencher/mortarboard with very distracting tassel-y thing. Fabulous entertainment during the boring speeches.

I like that my father seems to think there’s an extra person between us. He is wearing Dad clothes, which I swear all fathers wear. Black pants, dress shirt sans tie, black blazer. My grandmother is next to me, wearing a fabulously bright brown and gold dress she made herself. She has a penchant for bright colours, and I think you can tell. And my mother is next to my grandmother, wearing a vintage dress that has rather cute and pretty detail. The white detail is a heart and diamond pattern embroidered onto chiffon (reminds me a bit of cross-stitch, but more fine) and the skirt has two very subtle box pleats.

You probably didn’t care too much about what they were wearing but who knows!

I would post more photos but they’re all graduation-y, which means they’re all nicely posed, ‘we are at an Event and it shall be Forever Commemorated Through Digital Media’ sort of affairs. This is actually the most interesting one (perhaps solely because my father is ruining the Special Event Pose; good man), and you can sort of see my dress and you can most definitely see my shoes. So. Win-win, really. Sort of.

I will be wearing the dress again soon and Valerie will take some happy snaps.

(Also. If any of you go to Macquarie University and are graduating this week — avoid the macarons. They are so disappointing. I made a beeline for them — shamelessly, actually, I was one of the first people to snatch one up — because I have a macaron addiction and they made me so sad. The macaron part of me crumbled and fell to pieces. So did the macaron, actually, which tells you how really-not-good it was.)