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December 13, 2010

“Are you in a play?”

So asked a little girl, hanging over the edge of an escalator.

‘No,’ said I, ‘not at the moment.’

Not at ever, actually, because I would suffer immense stage fright. I hate being on stage unless I’m dancing. Maybe even particularly if I’m dancing, as I haven’t danced a step in a good five years and the stage is the last place I’d like to be if I had to relearn pirouettes. (Pirouettes were my weakness. I have no ability to spot.)

I’m not sure what it is about this outfit. Valerie and I ducked quickly out to go to the bank, and got some tea while we were out  (100g of Jasmine Monkey King tea and 50g of Lapsang Souchong from The Tea Centre). Most days, I get quite a few looks, largely because (I assume) I’m rather overdressed.

Today, I got stares. People’s heads swivelled to gaze after me when I had walked out of their line of vision. It was a bit baffling. I suppose my hat is rather flamboyant and my skirt is particularly frilly but I’ve worn brighter outfits before, I’m sure. Their stares didn’t bother me, as such — when you dress the way I do, stares kind of come with the territory — I just got a few more than usual and I can’t pin down the reason. I think I’ve desensitised myself to absurd outfits!

Here are some detailed shots:


Look at me, about to step into the pool! Tsk. My poor shoes. I was going to whisk away some yellow flowers (those funny little floating things in the pool) but then decided against it.

My skirt and cardigan are from Alannah Hill. The cardigan is called ‘Send Me Away’ and has a terribly detailed collar — scalloped edging, and then a rope of pearls sitting upon some cream braid, and then seed beads and matte sequins in rows.  There are also two ties that I do up in a bow, but I’ve tucked them in and inserted a satin teal bow instead, because… because I can, haha. I usually wear it as a hair bow but I needed it for a higher cause.

Using it as a sort of brooch, however, meant that I was without a hair bow. I never know what to do when I don’t have a hair accessory — I find they finish outfits off so well. So I took a mini boater hat — also from Alannah Hill, called ‘My Little Boat’ — and replaced the black grosgrain band with a loosely tied teal satin bow. I think I had Mrs Banks from Disney’s Mary Poppins in mind when I was doing the hat, although I know her hat looks nothing like this one.

The skirt is also from Alannah Hill (do I bore you when I keep repeating myself?), called ‘Mum I’m a Call Girl’.


I love it. It’s the sort of skirt I would wear if I were playing one of the whores in Les Miserables. It’s all flippy and dizzy and full of ‘wheeee!’ We are very happy together. I’ve been meaning to dye a pair of shoes a deep pink to match the darker frills, but I haven’t really had the time. It could be overly matchy-matchy, too. These shoes are those beloved pair of Midas blue suede shoes with the bow I attached myself. My blueberry and raspberry sorbet shoes. Om nom nom.

Valerie and I were asked by the sales assistant at The Tea Centre whether we were into steampunk, which surprised me as I don’t find my outfits very steampunky, nor Valerie’s. I suppose the general silhouette of this outfit recalls steampunk to an extent, but steampunk to me needs dirt and tears and probably shades of brown. Today’s outfit does have steampunk like textures, if not the colours — the rough silk of the skirt, for instance, and the collar of my cardigan has tattered netting. And there’s something delightfully whimsical and nostalgic about a giant teal bow perched on a mini boater hat.

Ideally, I’d have OPI’s Suzi Says Feng Shui on my nails, just to bounce a little more blue in to the middle of the outfit ‘picture’. I had and still have Ulta3’s Earl Grey,  which was yesterday’s procrastinatory manicure. I never do my nails in the morning, so I wasn’t really able to change. I should plan my outfits ahead of time to avoid this, really. I do like that Earl Grey is quickly becoming my interesting neutral shade — it’s quite quiet and unassuming but somehow demands a second glance.

Much unlike my outfit, apparently! Lol!

December 7, 2010

In which I frolic.

It was a sunny day here. An incredibly sunny day.

I have a love-hate relationship with the sun. I’m prone to headaches and bright light heightens my chances of ending the day with the feeling that moving my neck will make my head fall off.

But I do like that I can wear light floaty things without needing to layer too much, and that the weather paints the world with a palette that matches the tone of my outfits.

Here, I’m wearing a Fleur Wood dress with an Alannah Hill ‘Little Picket Fences’ belt in red and cream. My legs are encased in knee-high socks, which not only looks rather sweet and twee and frolic-worthy but protects my skin from grass (I’m mildly grass intolerant). Double duty clothing ftw. You can see a detailed shot of the socks on Wikifashion — they’re polka-dotted with a sparkly garter and a little pink bow. The photo is plastered in watermarks but I can’t find the original on my computer to save my life.

I have an Alannah Hill butterfly clip in my hair, called ‘Love Addict’, and my shoes are Midas blue suede shoes with a bow I attached myself:


I’m also wearing a Dior silver bow necklace with a little pink Swarovski charm and a little silver ‘D’. This is it here, although the pink didn’t come out very well. It’s a very pale, subtle, silvery-pink, and my camera turned it a bit flat (click to enlarge):



In a desperate attempt to appreciate spring weather, I went out and tried frolicking amidst the flowers in Valerie’s garden. All the world’s a stage and my costumes let me play the parts, right?

It began well enough. And then I started to run around like I had no arms…

And then I noticed that I could see my reflection in the windows of the house. The third picture is often what I do when I unexpectedly see my reflection.

I don’t know why I do it, either. I suspect it’s to make sure it’s actually my reflection and not someone else’s. Because no one else would break into strange dances. I might try jazz fingers next time for extra win.

I am obvsly the hippest dancer in town.

December 6, 2010

Yaaay, outfit post!

This wall is not Valerie’s, but mine. Well. My parents’. It’s our fence and blocks our entire house from view — I live in a little dip of a valley and you can’t actually see my house unless you jump the fence.

Or enter by the gate.

You know, whatever suits you.

[Insert sensical segue of your own here]

We eventually ended up at Valerie’s house, which meant more photo-taking. I wanted to take photos of Valerie, but she said no because she is a camera hog. This is what eventuated:

BOOYEAH IMAGINARY CAMERA FRAMING. Just in case you think I’m being twee and coy and cute, my face pre-blurring looked a little like this:

by Kip Photographie


Aaaand moving on and away from the scareh clown.

Here’s a picture of what I was wearing, without me in it pulling strange faces:

The cardigan is my ever trusty and much beloved Puff the Magic Dragon. Ever trusty, much beloved. These things go with everything. The dress is called ‘Spooky Little Girl’. I’ve paired it with red today but I often do it with navy and, during winter, brown (to match one of my coats). I want to try it with green, one day — I think it’ll work marvellously — but I haven’t any green things yet, so it’ll have to wait. This is the print, by the by (click to enlarge; the shot itself is rather large):

I think green would go spiffingly. I usually wear green nail polish with this dress, but I haven’t yet taken off my procrastination manicure (one hand in OPI’s All Lacquered Up; the other in Ulta3 Waterlily). You can see the OPI in my ‘pretending to take a shot of Valerie’ picture above.

And, as per usual, I made the hair bow myself, and added the bow to the suede shoes. (You’ll find a picture of the shoes at the bottom of this post.) I need a new pair of red suede shoes, actually, though I haven’t found any I like, yet.

Such a dilemma.



(And, if you haven’t already, do enter my Ulta3 and Moleskine giveaway by leaving me a comment — any comment — at this linked post before the 12th of December.)

November 27, 2010

Sneaky shots of colour

I look much more sane from the back, don’t I? I’m investigating Valerie’s/Valerie’s neighbour’s garden again. I’m not sure what I found so fascinating this time around, but I assure you: that garden is full of magical wonders. (I realise that sounds like they’re growing illicit drugs. They’re not. Just your usual, run-of-the-mill, nature-is-wonderful-and-magical, stuff-of-poetry magic.)

I’m wearing my Alannah Hill Live to Tell skirt in navy blue and a BCBG Max Azria blazer, with an Alannah Hill cream ‘Send Me Away’ short-sleeved cardigan underneath. (It’s a lovely cardi, with a beaded collar. Will post up a photo of it when I wear it as an actual outfit piece rather than just a basic under-my-other-clothes rag.) My shoes are a navy suede and grosgrain number from Tony Bianco, and my hair is unbrushed. Yay for lazy days!

I’m very fond of my BCBG jackets. I find they fit rather well — my leather one fits like a dream. I don’t wear this one as often as I would like, because I find it rather difficult to pair it with things. It’s quite a tame jacket, until you notice the brightly coloured trims (click to enlarge):

My right hand LOOKS AWESOME(ly fail) in this photo. (I don’t think I’ll ever learn to stand still for an outfit photo shoot; I get too self-conscious.) I suspect I’m wildly gesticulating towards something exciting and Valerie is snapping photos and not paying me any attention. It’s probably not that exciting, particularly if you’re Valerie and you pass by that garden every day.

…When I’m sleepy, I find very mundane things very exciting. I was a wee bit sleepy when these photos were taken.

Here’s a close-up shot of the jacket:

I like that the khaki is mediated by these WHOA THOSE ARE WACKY colours. It’s like someone took to the trim with a set of highlighters. I normally dislike highlighter colours (annoying on paper; annoying off paper) but they add a level of fun to what would otherwise be a rather ordinary jacket. Valerie says it’s a fun jacket masquerading as a serious jacket, which I think sums it up rather nicely.

Pretty pleased with this outfit as a whole, although it’s not quite what I usually wear. (WHERE ARE THE BOWS?) I still have to work out a few outfits for my Live to Tell skirts — they’re so very blocky, colour-wise, and I really want to break up the colour and make it all dizzy and tizzy and spinning with different textures and contrasting colours… and bows XP.

November 25, 2010

Teddy bear baths


This is Valerie’s teddy bear, Mummy Bear. She’s had Mummy Bear since she was… oh, I’m not sure, but it’s been easily just under two decades. In this photo, she is in Valerie’s bathroom sink, which I’ve dubbed ‘the giant bear bath’. It is indeed a giant bath,  for a bear anyway.

Mummy Bear has been bathed very few times in those twenty-odd years and this fact, coupled with Sydney’s rather hot weather, prompted us to give her a bath.



This is Mummy Bear having her ears scrubbed. The soap we’re using is Lush’s Porridge soap, which is not only wonderfully apt for a bear (because we all know that bears like porridge hot, cold and ‘just right’) but a nicely scrubby soap for humans. Quite moisturising and a pretty fun soap — much more tactile than your usual soaps or shower gels.

I’m quite fond of Lush products, although I do think the majority of their products are rather gimmicky and overpriced. I am quite happy, however, to pay for their skincare line, which I’m sure pulled my normal, leaning-towards-oily-in-summer-and-dehydrated-in-winter skin through a month of all-nighters, stress, bad diet and dry indoor air.

These are the Holy Triad of Skincare Products:

From left to right: Catastrophe Cosmetic biofresh face mask; Angels on Bare Skin cleanser; Aqua Marina cleanser.

The gorgeously purple container on the left holds Catastrophe Cosmetic, a facial mask made from fresh blueberries. It also has calamine and all sorts of essential oils, which are probably more effective than blueberries but far less awesome sounding. I find that this mask really evens my skintone and seems to control breakouts really well — haven’t had one pimple in the four months I’ve been using it.  —Oh, wait, I tell a lie; I stopped using it and had a few little ones (my skin is generally well behaved), and they all disappeared once I got a new pot. Miracle in a little black pot, really.

Angels on Bare Skin is a lightly scrubby cleanser made from kaolin clay, rose and lavender essential oils, and ground almonds (that’s what makes it nicely scrubbeh). Don’t expect it to remove makeup, because it’s really very gentle. It leaves my skin looking quite dewy and fresh, like I’ve just woken up after a long sleep. I have no idea how it does it (okay, maybe an inkling: light scrubbing from the almonds and a bit of moisturising from the essential oils) but I love it very very much.

I’ve only just started using Aqua Marina, mainly because I didn’t want to use Angels on Bare Skin every day — as tempting as it is, all that exfoliation probably isn’t good for my skin. Like Catastrophe Cosmetic, Aqua Marina has calamine, which is awesome for soothing and evening skintone (remember using calamine lotion on mosquito bites?), as well as kaolin (which is what makes Angels on Bare Skin so awesome). It’s basically a win combination of Catastrophe Cosmetic and Angels on Bare Skin, except it smells Really Very Strange. I’m not quite sure what it is, either — I suspect it’s the seaweed, which is apparently very good for your skin. Would rather eat seaweed than plaster it all over my face, though!

I use Angels on Bare Skin about three or four times a week, and Aqua Marina when I haven’t used Angels on Bare Skin. Catastrophe Cosmetic gets pulled out four times a week (about every second or third day) because the expiry date demands near-constant use if you want to use it up before it goes all mouldy and gross. (Lush says that the pot has four to six applications, I think; I know I manage to get at least twenty. Maybe I have a small face?)

Just to wrap it up, this is today’s outfit. You’ve seen it before, but I’m wearing it again and now you get a chance to see it without my stupid poses. Ain’t life grand!


The dress is from Alannah Hill’s Spring/Summer 2006 collection and is called ‘Stargazer’; the cardigan is the ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ cardi from… Spring/Summer 2006 too, I think (can’t really recall and I’ve lost the receipt) and the ‘Little Picket Fences’ belt is from Autumn/Winter 2009.

I’m very fond of this outfit — I love that it combines red and pink and blue, which is a bit of  fashion no-no generally, but I think it works here. I usually pair it with this headband:


The headband (Parking Lot Love from Spring/Summer 2010) originally came with a brighter and bigger blue satin bow, but I cut it off and replaced it with a thin grosgrain ribbon. I also added a satin burgundy ribbon to the headband for this particular outfit, so that the blend of red and blue in my overall outfit looks less blocky.


I brought the red of the cardigan down to my shoes, as well, so that the red wasn’t so heavy at the top of the outfit:

I made the red bows myself — just out of a strip of bias tape (I’ve linked you to a Wikipedia description because I have no idea what it is, lol!) I took from my mother’s sewing box. At the moment they’re precariously attached with dabs of glue gun glue. I imagine I’ll reattach them with something more sturdy sometime soon.

I bought the shoes themselves from Midas Shoes. They came in an awesome array of colours — pale yellows and purples as well as the blue above, I think. I wanted them to go with a particular dress but the tone was all off — far too warm for my dusty silvery-blue Fleur Wood dress (which I haven’t posted yet, huh?). I like how the red brings out the warmth so that the bow isn’t too glaring an addition. Almost like berry sorbet ^^.

And berry sorbet is pretty perfect for this weather, I think.