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April 14, 2011

The wonders of Wondercap

This lucky bather is wearing a Wondercap:


I have one too, which makes me the winner of life, at the moment. (Yes, I’m in a rather cocky mood. Today has been a good day.)

You see, the Wondercap is really quite amazing. It is, I think, a miracle in a funny black shower cap. You know how some hair treatments work best when you wrap your hair in gladwrap? And, perhaps, some members of your household make fun of you for walking around with a head wrapped in plastic? Yeah. This is a more convenient and more glamorous (although only by default, really, as plastic wrap just isn’t cool) alternative.

I’ve been living with terribly heat-damaged hair for the past month or so, because I had been heat-styling it without a thermal protector (DON’T JUDGE ME, YOU GUISE). I suck at repurchasing thermal protectors. But I have one now. (SO DON’T JUDGE ME.) My hair desperately needs a cut and I’ve been meaning to get one for a while, but uni work coupled with my intense dislike of hair salons makes it rather difficult. (I have nothing against hairdressers. I just don’t like getting strapped into a chair with scissors waving around my ears. And, okay, I hate how some hairdressers make me feel guilty for failing to get regular trims and cuts. It becomes an ordeal akin to going to the dentist.)

My graduation is coming up, though, and I hate the thought of graduating with fried hair. I also don’t want to go to the salon with fried hair (guilt; ordeal; guilt; etc.).

Enter the Wondercap.

It’s a reusable, fairly weighty, quilted plastic cap with gel inside. All you have to do is:

1. Wash your hair (don’t condition);

2. Comb a hair treatment through your hair (the Wondercap comes with a conditioning treatment, though you can use any hair mask);

3. Zap the cap in the microwave for about two minutes;

4. Pop the cap on your head (easier said than done if you’re as uncoordinated as I);

5. Leave for five minutes;

6. Take the cap off, and rinse out the treatment.

I love it. I think it’s fabulous. This sounds evangelical, but YOU ALL MUST TRY IT. My hair looks alive again (as alive as hair can look, being dead and all). I’m not exaggerating, either — my hair used to be horribly crunchy and dry (I could fold near 90° angles on the ends) and now it’s not even frizzing. I’ve tried hot oil treatments, the infamous and really quite ridiculously awesome Kerastase Masquintense, and nothing comes close. (Although I can imagine the Kerastase under the Wondercap… that would be even more really quite ridiculously awesome.)

It’s also fairly easy to care for — all you have to do is rinse it out after using it, and leave it to dry. All done! Really low maintenance.

I bought mine at for $39.95 and would repurchase in a heartbeat if I ever needed to. I’ve also seen it available at some Shaver Shop branches, though not all. (Hornsby has one if anyone is in Sydney.)

Lovelovelove. I’m counting down the days till I can use it again (maybe with a different hair mask).